jardin potager

Potager…Pregnancy Update

Dusk in the Jardin Potager.   I love those words… jardin potager.   They are so romantic and descriptive to me I can hardly stand it. But you have to swear to me that you will pronounce it “poe-tagh-ay” – soft “g” and all that.   Never say “pot-ig-er”.   Ever. —— Winding down here. Had my last big…

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Homebirth transfer

The Birth Story You’ve Never Read

The Birth Story You’ve Never Read Eleven years ago this October I started this blog.   True…. It’s not super popular… truth be told in terms of “blog lingo”… SEO… numbers… all that… I have no idea what I’m doing.  But I started out ‘cause I was a proud Momma of a boy that turns eleven…

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Pallet Pig Fence

Pallet Pig Pasture

This little piggie went to pasture.  Thanks to our new Pallet Pig Fence! Oh my goodness.  I’ve lost my mind.   I love pigs. It’s silly I know, we’ve raised chickens for meat and eggs, rabbits for meat, have dairy goats, grow lots of veggies but having pigs makes me feel totally legit.  Like, who does…

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I’m Still Here…

I’m still here… and I’m OK. Thank you to those who have reached out to check on me. We’re on the home stretch here with this sweet baby due in less than six weeks and the strong, spring demands of farm life.  But can you believe it?   It’s almost over but as every Momma knows…

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Looking Forward to Life

The sun is shining.  It’s 52 degrees. And these days, that’s a big deal.  It only stopped snowing here last week and not one thing has been planted in the garden. Not ONE. As frustrated as I am, I’ve got this weird peace about it right now…. though I expect that peace to evaporate any…

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Gardening for Beginners

Remembering My First Garden

Gardening for Beginners?  It all starts with a sudden, strange urge to get your hands dirty.  You’ve had a normal, clean existence up until a certain point and then the potential for a fresh vegetable or bouquet on your dining table beckons and… well, you’re ruined for life. And all the better for it. ……

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World's best scone recipe

World’s Best Scone Recipe

Says I. For years, before it sold to a new owner, Joel and I would vacation at the lovely Thorpe House Inn in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. Door County.  Dugh. We have the fondest memories from our many visits there.  We were total nerds about it.  (Twice we stayed for a WEEK! It was like the…

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