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What to do in the Garden Before Winter – Find Out!

What to do in the Garden Before Winter

  What to do in the Garden Before Winter? Gotcha. This isn’t your typical gardening post. No, no… come back!  Read on! It’s a fun one! I mean, come on.    We all pretty much can figure out what to do in the garden before winter. You can let it lie til spring or you can…

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Ten Year Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas

Ten Year Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas

Ten Year Old Boy Birthday Party Ideas Five kids…. That’s a whole lot of outgoing cash five times a year via birthdays.   But not here. I’ll let you in on a little secret… the way we do birthdays around here… First…Birthdays are a BIG deal to me.  It’s the day God chose to bring you…

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Farmhouse Christmas

French Country Christmas

 This is a repost of a blog post written about two years ago… to get into the Christmas Decorating/Pinning Spirit I thought I’d bring it back front and center! French Country Christmas: The Parisienne Farmhouse… Noël Unbelievable— it’s our second Christmas here at la Ferme a Mi-Chemin… our Half-Way Farm. Last year was so unreal…

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Faux Finish Cabinets

Basic Distressing Technique

Here’s a fun one which originally posted last October 2014.  If you loved it… enjoy it again and if you haven’t… it’s new to you! I’ve been trying to think of another fun video since the great response from the “Mom Makeup Tutorial”  and then I remembered my unpainted door… Hubby runs a kitchen cabinet…

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Charlotte Mason

Back to My Homeschooling Roots

Ok, maybe not that far back. When I was a child we “homeshooled” for awhile and it was not cool.  (My Mom knows I’m not dissing her here!) But, somewhere over the last couple years this train has come off the rails. The procreating.  The puking.  The nursing.  The kid who struggled to read and…

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A Chunk of My Creative Soul

You’ll have to humor me as I talk about my book again. I miss my blog so much.  Had I thought better I might have written a handful of posts in advance for months like last month.  Truth be told, I’m giving this cookbook every thing I’ve got creatively.  So often for me creativity births…

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On Wearing an Apron

I love aprons. I love the mess of them hanging on my laundry room door. (Hello — I love the stencil on my laundry room door.) I love buying them, old, stiff and starched to the nines. I love making my own starch and pressing mine, patiently with a fire-hot iron. I love the motherly…

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Parisienne Farmgirl's Cookbook

The Cookbook is Coming!!!!

It’s little things like this page (unedited) from the cookbook that get me really excited to hold the work I’ve been doing for the last year in my hands!!! I’m not going to be able to attend to this blog as desired for the next couple of weeks.  Though I will do my best.  Our…

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