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Week by Week in my Potager (French Kitchen Garden)

My Potager week by Week

It’s that time. The temperatures are leveling out, the wind has mellowed and the spring plantings have called. Our whole schedule changes now as a family as we switch from “Hit it Hard” – our motto for the first quarter to “Get Outside” our motto for the second quarter of this fine year. Read more…

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How to Make a Terrarium

Tres Simple Terrariums

Or as we say on this side of the pond… EASY PEASY TERRARIUMS Inspiration.  It is a wonderful thing. I have a handful of things that inspire me.  It’s not my style to feel threatened or inferior (I’m well aware of my shortcomings)… I’d rather be inspired by someone’s achievements, beauty, knowledge, abilities… Marilyn Monroe…

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Budget Gardening

The Budget Gardener Strikes Again

Gardening is a wonderful, addictive and… expensive hobby. You always think you can show restraint but come late spring those flowers and veggies… seeds and brand new gloves beckon you stronger than the pastel colored purses and at Nordstrom counter. And the worst? Annuals. Oh, to have a savings account filled with the money I’ve…

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Farm Life

It’s a Different World

The other day my husband lamented the mud spatters on his jeans as he loaded the kids in the truck for church group. ————— It’s muddy here on the farm. And that’s an understatement.  It’s a quagmire. A bog.  A disaster. We went from freezing temps and tons of snow to 52 degrees within a…

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Lemon Curd Recipe - the BEST!

Pucker Up Baby – Lemon Curd Recipe

Here’s an oldie but goody from 2009!…  I’ve made some changes to how I make Lemon Curd these days (of course, that will be in the cookbook) but this is how I learned and you’ll love this recipe! Lemon Curd Recipe (And how to can Lemon Curd) I’ve got a million things to say about…

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Flower Pepper

FLOWER POWER… Flower Pepper!

If you are like me you are busy planning your garden… tossing and turning at night… thinking about the new things in your garden that you want to try. This year you MUST grow everything you need to make Flower Pepper. I know I just included this in my savory steak rub recipe a few…

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