17 July 2014

She's Sew Chic - Tablecloth Jean Skirt Tutorial

I buy vintage tablecloths whenever they are cheap and somewhat cute and then I just sit on them knowing that SOME day I will find a good use for them.  

Remember the tablecloth I cut up for my Grandparents hometown sesquicentennial party???  I had the pleasure of using those again at the 4th... only this time Anaïs got to wear the baby dress and Julliette got to wear Amélie's.  It was so cute and devastatingly heartwarming to be able to use them again.

Months ago I found this "pin" of jeans cut off with fabric attached to make a skirt-- I don't even think I pinned it, I just thought, "I HAVE to do that!"  

Time passed.

And then I got a bur up my butt (on the day of my BIL's birthday party no less) and decided to "throw" together matching skirts for my girls.  They are terribly made yet terribly cute and my sweet babes are so gracious and excited to wear anything their Momma makes them.

I won't bore you with technical sewing details because there aren't any.  As usual I adopted my policy of "fake it 'til you make it."  And I done made me some cute skirts.

Here's my killer directions...

I took two old pairs of jeans, cut them at the butt, just above the crotch.   (The photo looks like I cut them lower but I cut higher after I took the photo).  I took the tablecloth and measured from the length of the freshly cut jeans to just at the girl's ankles and cut accordingly then sewed the ends together.  I basted the top of the cut tablecloth and then pulled the thread to gather the fabric a bit.  Right sides together... et voila!

I hate to pass up the chance to use the salvage edge of fabric.  It saves so much time.

These little babies have character.  
Little holes in the fabric and everything.

They aren't Momma's personal style but I may just have to make myself one.

Happy Pinning.
Parisienne Farmgirl

14 July 2014

Foraging on the Farm (The Brambleberries with Custard Recipe)

It's been a discouraging thirty days here on Half-Way Farm.

First, I thought it was the crazy weather (as in some cases it was) but now it's apparent that something is really wrong with my gardens.  All 4,200 square feet of them... and all the thousands of pounds of food they were going to provide my friends and family with.

I'm sick.  Moody.  Teary.  Bitchy.  And utterly devestaed.

It's a fresh wood chip/nitrogen thing. 
I don't want to talk about it right now.
But I will.  Lest anyone else make the same mistake.


My little one, my little Blondielocks has provided me with a bit of farm joy at her insistence that I "Google" whether or not she could eat the berries growing here and there around our farm.
The other day I was out lamenting my thirteen hundred onions and their seemingly pitiful fate and she just kept pestering me.  It was clear I needed to walk away from the chaos and tend to her curiosities.  So, I broke off a branch of said berries, snapped a headless selfie and posted my question to my Facebook homies.  Who, BTW - rock.

Within the hour we had ten thousand mosquito bites and two pounds of wild blackberries.  I rather like calling them brambleberries.  It sounds so romantic.  So, "Victorian Farm"
Victorian Farm (and it's sequel Edwardian Farm) is the BEST series EVER!  Here is a link to check it out but be sure you select the right DVD region if you make it your own as it was produced in the UK.

There are hundreds more to pick and Mullberry trees full too... not to mention the guy down the road where bushels of apples will be ready to pick this fall.

So, all is not lost.  Really, it is but I am doing my best to be optimistic and grateful for free, organic fruit to feed my flock.
I am leaning on Jesus on wild berries.

Here's the hope filled dessert I fed my family the other night. 
Bon Appetit!

Parisienne Farmgirl's Brambleberries with Simple Custard

4 Cups of whole milk
4 somewhat heaping tablespoons of organic/non GMO corn starch 
3/4 cup of organic sugar 
One vanilla bean 
Four eggs, beaten

Beat eggs in a separate bowl.  Set aside.  Combine milk, sugar and cornstarch in your favorite saucepan and scald.  Do not boil.  Remove from heat and add 1/2 cup of milk mixture and the scraped out vanilla bean* to the eggs.  Whisking.  Slowly add egg/milk mixture back to the remaining milk mixture, reheat, whisking until it thickens.  Can be served hot, cold or room temp.

(*Cut vanilla bean lengthwise, open and scrap out with an upsides down spoon.  Heavenly.)

The items below may be difficult in some locations to find.  I order these items in.  Photos are links for you.


11 July 2014

Mom Makeup Tutorial

So... I've been wanting to do this for months now and the moment presented itself yesterday. All was quite (sort of). Good lighting. And me, ready to do my makeup. Making videos is nerve wracking.

Such a dork am I.

I must have a whole file full that I am too embarrassed to post.


But this one came out kind of cute, aside from my family joke "immigrant moustache" comment that is NOT RACIST but is instead in reference to my Germanic great-grandmothers and their moustache hair that I inheiritated- cause you know, it's only OK to make comments like that about white people. Insert anti-politically correct giggle.

Anywhoo.  Thought I'd nip that in the bud before the hate mail poured in.  Cause God is Great but people are crazy.

Here is is.  My Mom Makeup Tutorial.  I've got all the products listed below with links (just click on the picture) for your shopping pleasure.  This will go up on my "Magic's in the Makeup" board on Pinterest too.  Feel free to share.

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Have a beautiful weekend!

Parisienne Farmgirl