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Himalayan Salt Block Cooking – Hamburgers

Salt Block

Salt block cooking. My latest obsession. I love salt. I love Himalayan salt. And yes… you can taste a difference. I got a “raise” with doTERRA last month and so to treated myself I ordered a much wanted salt block from Amazon.  I could not be happier. Happiness is new kitchen gadgets after all –…

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Potager Week 4 – How to Cut Lilacs

Big Daddy’s Birthday Weekend always comes when the Lilacs are in bloom.  This year the children did as they always do for daddy.   They gather little somethings from around the house… things they think he would like… things he has misplaced… they creatively wrap these little treasures and present them to him in such a…

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Potager progress week 3

Potater Week 3… Loss on the Farm

Parenting is hard. In fact, hubby and I have come to the conclusion that if it’s not hard every single day… you must be doing something wrong. (Like letting stuff slide that shouldn’t). I need to write more on this. ————————– Getting out the door is a marathon.  A total.  Absolute.  Marathon. I can get…

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Potager week 2

Potager Week 2

Today it’s short, sweet and cold. Like… freezing. Like the tarp that goes under our pool is covering my precious strawberries, the rosemary are draped in beach towels, the leeks covered by vintage tablecloths and I am just plain saying a prayer for all the lavender. The vet came today and geesh.  I thought I…

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How to Make a Terrarium

Tres Simple Terrariums

Or as we say on this side of the pond… EASY PEASY TERRARIUMS Inspiration.  It is a wonderful thing. I have a handful of things that inspire me.  It’s not my style to feel threatened or inferior (I’m well aware of my shortcomings)… I’d rather be inspired by someone’s achievements, beauty, knowledge, abilities… Marilyn Monroe…

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Budget Gardening

The Budget Gardener Strikes Again

Gardening is a wonderful, addictive and… expensive hobby. You always think you can show restraint but come late spring those flowers and veggies… seeds and brand new gloves beckon you stronger than the pastel colored purses and at Nordstrom counter. And the worst? Annuals. Oh, to have a savings account filled with the money I’ve…

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