You Have Reached the End of the Internet

Nov 9, 2010 | Uncategorized | 9 comments

Remember that old commercial? 
 I thought it was so funny, the look on the guys face was priceless.
Well, I am working on a big post about the big garden project and poof! 
Can you believe that?  I could not!  But I had to purchase 20 more gigs and I won’t be able to access it ’til tomorrow.
See you then.


  1. sharon

    Why is this happening to so many people at the same time? I think that you are the fourth person I have read recently coming up against the same lack of blogger space.

    BTW Love your banner picture, it looks so professional

    My French Country HOme

  2. Ashley DeLen

    That happened to my mom too. I thought it was a scam so I told her to wait. And then she said others were also having to pay for space. sniff sniff… Looking forward to your next post!

  3. Alice

    This just shows what a dunce I am. I didn’t know this was even possible. So Blogger is free until you run out of space…?


    See you when you find your way back to the internet!

  4. Parisienne Farmgirl

    5 Gigs are free. They took me five years of mego jumbo sized photographs to fill. (I am typically to busy to take the time to make them smaller). The next 20 gigs are $5 but it looks like that is only good for a year. I figure $5 a year is not bad but it is strange that this is happening to so many people at the same time.

  5. Tamra

    I had no idea blogger had a limit. Yikes! I’d better start resizing my photos.

  6. Tina Leigh

    What? That’s crazy! I’ve gotta call my mama b/c this is news to me to!! Hurry up and post tho….I hate waiting!!

  7. tales from an oc cottage

    ACK! My greatest fear…I hear about happening to others although I have not had to deal with it yet…but I continue to cower in fear and tremble!
    {actually, I will probably just pitch an ugly fit! ;}.
    Sorry…such a bummer…ahhh the wonders of technology!

    m ^..^

  8. Jenny

    what!? you are all full….well it is definitely a space filled with beautiful and good things. And Yes I too loved that commercial and from time to time have quoted it only to get blank stares in return. Glad you are adding more space but sorry for the trouble.

  9. Southwest Cottage Designs

    Hi! I’m a new follower of your lovely blog. Each visit is inspiring as I read and admire your photos. I was especially drawn to your blog because of my dad’s stay in Paris during WWII.


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