*&^#@ You Al…

Apr 12, 2007 | Gardening, Simply Ang, Views into my Day | 9 comments

Tell me this is not happening.

I am so pissed I don’t even have the strength to turn the picture the proper way.

They said it was going to happen but I did not believe them. I have not left the house all day…it’s like my worst nightmare come true. My gardening shoes sit forlornly in the corner, and my gloves? Well they are outside on the terrace under a pile of snow right where I left them the other day.

Give my humidity. Give me scalding heat. I can sleep without air conditioning ’til about 78 degrees (that should make that buffoon Al happy). Give me thunderstorms that flatten my snapdragons…



  1. C'est Chouette

    I agree~it is spring for gosh sakes~ if I lose my peopnies to this snow~ I shall sit and cry!!!

  2. hellomelissa

    it even snowed in north carolina. my japanese maple is shot.

  3. Parisienne Farmgirl

    UGHHHH, Melissa that is awful! And C’est chouette as much as I know about gardening I am clueless on it the peonies and tulips can handle this. Everyone keeps asking me and I keep having to confess “I don’t know!?”

  4. Victoria

    boo hiss… no garage sale??!!

  5. paris parfait

    Oh no…so I guess I shouldn’t mention that for once April in Paris is living up to its reputation, with warmth and sunshine. xo

  6. Joy

    Thanks for the visit! 🙂

    This post made me laugh out loud – I feel the exact same way!

  7. Linda

    In fact, as Paris Parfait said, it is hot. It got above 80. While this is nice right now I am thinking this summer is going to be very unpleasant.

  8. Mimi

    Ah well, it won’t last.

  9. disa

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