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Dec 18, 2006 | Uncategorized | 3 comments

…Is probably less offensive than “Merry Christmas” these days.

Have you noticed the relief on people’s face when you wish them a Merry Christmas? It’s a look of “Oh good, I can say it now!”

I find it so funny that we don’t use the expression “Happy Holidays” for the months of January thru March. I mean, there are all those holiday’s; New Years, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day and all those presidents birthdays?
Funny – no one is willing to neuter the holiday that we celebrate with BEER! It’s named after a saint (and so is SAINT Valentines day for that matter) but just give them time and we will be calling it “Alternative Lifestyle Day” and “Green Beer Day”.

People…ugh. Don’t they realize that holiday means HOLY DAY??? Surely that has to seem worse to them then just saying Merry Christmas. They are actually calling him…HOLY!

From dissing the Salvation Army to removing Christmas trees from airports the entire thing has gotten out of hand. Yesterday I received a “holiday” card, perhaps the weirdest one EVER, quoting the Upanishads (Ancient Hindu writings).
Now, come on. Isn’t that going OUT OF YOUR WAY to NOT wish me a Merry Christmas? The inside of the card said, “Peace to you and your world this holiday season.”
My world? Is that like “my reality is my reality and yours is yours.”?

Talk about ewy-gooey-super-intergalactic-oneness. And people think Christians are weird…

Well, if my reality was reality then, MAJORITY RULES. There are more Christians than Jews thus there are more Christmas decorations at airports than Menorahs. Oh, and I love how in advertising they will use EVERY Christmas symbol but then say “Happy Holidays.” Really, throw a Menorah or some Kwanza crap in your displays and THEN say “Happy Holidays” but to use our symbols which you don’t understand (IE: The evergreen symbolizes everlasting life provided by Christ, the red and white candy cane symbolizes our sins being washed white as snow by his blood…)and then banish Christ from the whole things is positively irritating. We have family that DOES NOT believe in God, let alone his Son but then they get bent out of shape if we can’t celebrate Christmas with them. I still have not figured that one out.

So, like my description says, “Sometimes I just spout off about things that get on my nerves” and the bummer thing is, it sounds like most of you won’t be able to comment on this one but, humor me and listen to the video below. It pretty much sums up the ridiculous attitudes of so many this season.

This song can be found on Brad Paisly’s Christmas Album


  1. FarmgirlCyn

    LOVE the video, and even more so, the sentiments you have shared. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU, DEAR, AND YOU SWEET HUBBY AND BABES!!! Let’s do what we can to keep the Christ in CHRISTmas!!!

  2. Mimi J.

    Hearing “Happy Holidays” doesn’t bother me — those are just words. What does upset me is all the emphasis on shopping for people who already have everything.

  3. Parisienne Farmgirl

    The reason it does bother me is because no one says it at Thanksgiving or New Years and this year it is blatantly being used when clearly the words “Merry Christmas” would be more appropo. (advertising)

    The emphasis on shopping is sickening. I saw an add the other day that had gift suggestions for, “When you can ONLY spend $100!”

    How about $10 and not out of guilt or obligation but because I want to!


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