How BEAUTIFUL is he????
What a day we had around here! First Chels came over then Mom, 
then we suited up again and hit the 
streets with those great neighbors I wrote about a few days ago. What fun.
Aidan doesn’t really eat sugar let alone candy. At first he did not
understand the whole knock on someone’s door concept but I
tell you what, by the second or third house he had figured it out!
In between houses he would sing a cowboy, “Wee-hee!” and he kept
asking, “Another one?” He could not believe
we were going door to door for CHOCOLATE!
And, the little angel, he kept asking me to go to each house with him so
instead of being brave and independent I got to hold
his hand and go with him. My heart melted
with each step we took.
Afterwards it was another backyard party and Aidan tore it up
running to and fro trying to keep up with the big kids.
I came home (4 doors down) to put Amélie to bed and blog. Aidan
stayed and had a riot cause he came home with glo-sticks, a runny nose
and a sweaty, worn out Woody costume.
I am so happy for him. It thrills me to see him have such a good time.
You got a friend in me kiddo. I love you so very much.

Readers: sorry, I have no idea what is with the format of this entry.