A rant:
Good news… I took of the “snow effect” that I loved so much for all you girls with dinosaur PCs. I was told it took 10 minutes for my blog to load tonight. Bad news… Watch Ang’s readers drop… it’s become a game now hasn’t it? About every four weeks I go off on something and all that ground I was gaining in my readership… insert bomb dropping whistling sound here…

Twilight Eclipse birthday party merchandise
I have wanted to tell you for so many weeks now about a T-shirt I saw in the young girls section at Tar-jay around Halloween…
“I Heart Vampires.”
I wish I was kidding.
I Heart friggen’ Vampires.

I love vampires shirt
Now, have you seen my daughters? Have you seen YOUR daughters? Your granddaughters? Have you seen how precious, gorgeous and pure they (hopefully) are?
Forgive me, call me a prude or stick-in-the-mud, this time, I truly don’t care because the last thing our daughters, the daughters in this country where so many go to bed without a Daddy in the house, where so many are raised without knowing how much their Heavenly Daddy loves them… the last thing our girls… or ANYONE’S girls need is this stupid vampire/death obsession that is so chic at the moment.

I know, I have lost a good 85% of you here.
Je suis trés desolée.
But this whole vampire thing has eclipsed sanity, it’s eclipsed discretion and most surely wisdom.
The Bible clearly warns that there will be a time when darkness will be called light and visa versa but, silly me, I would like to think that some common sense would prevail out there as we select what we do and don’t allow into our homes, especially concerning our daughters. How in the world did we decide that it was good for our pre-teen and teenage daughters to become obsessed with vampires? As if our girls aren’t already struggling with a glorification of DEATH? Have you seen the teen girls suicide rates these days? I know my family lost one 4 years ago and almost lost another two years ago!!!
 If you are someone who claims the Scriptures to be true and I know that some of my readers do then surely we have to head it’s warnings on the occult and glorification of death. My rant gear is ready to kick into overdrive so I am going to back it down here and say I guess I don’t have too much to say except this, if you are a Believer and have found your self NOT sickened by this whole trend, if you find my words “over the top” than perhaps, oh gosh, I am really going to say this?? Well, may I challenge you that you’ve become a bit desensitized by the culture? Promise me Momma’s and Gramma’s you’re not gonna buy the young girls in your life this crap for Christmas. PROMISE ME! How, tell me, how in the world can the glorification of blood sucking teenagers be something our precious daughters need to process, read and become obsessed with???
Riddle me that.
(If you are new to P.F. yes, I do rant on some of my spiritual, political views now and again… I love to joke that it’s what makes me a bit unique from all the other gorgeous lavender and to-die-for vintage fabric blogs out there! Momma says, “If they don’t like it they can find another Farmhouse”… I say… I’m just trying to give you something to chew on in this world full of icky, baby food, mush.)
Oh, of course I found this hilarious clip by my (if you don’t already know) favorite pastor concerning this subject… hear ‘im out… mute Charlie Brown way down towards the bottom.