It has been a LONG time since I blogged about Junior.
Don’t worry, I still hold him in great affection! In fact, in this house we think he is greater than ever even if he is no longer driving that beautiful red car. No, we are not switching to Mountain Dew Amp! This is still a Bud house.
Junior (in case you wanted to know) is having a ROCKIN season, even without a win. As you can see on my NASCAR widget on the right, he is in third place. He is making his team mates (and it pains me to say that word!) #48 and #24 look pretty sad.
This past weekend I had tears of joy in my eyes as with 5 laps to go it looks like “Ju” as Aidan calls him was finally going to win a race until that twit Busch snatched my hopes or should I say wrecked my hopes…I was with family so I tried to maintain a shred of dignity. Had I been at home just me and my boys I probably would have needed to wash my mouth out with soap- that or make a run to the store for Kleenex.
Call me strange (I have NO friends that can even tolerate NASCAR) but I love those races and the off season (Nov-Feb) is very long for me. I could not explain the rules of football to anyone but I can tell you a bit about bump drafting, down force, tire wear and being either too loose or too tight! Did you know there is even an organization of French NASCAR fans (even though now I can not find the link…errrrrrrr? When I was in France I tried to watch the races at some of the bars in my Quatier but stupid husbands whose wives were out hittin’ the Champs Elysées had to monopolize the English viewing with “March Madness.” Talk about mad!
I am sure there was many a P-ed off red neck Saturday night. I was one of them…
Any weekend now he is going to smoke those tires in a victory burn out…you will probably hear me scream all the way to Paris!!!!