This is Amélie’s “ticked off” face.

Ok, when I named my precious boy “Aidan” I had NO IDEA that everyone else was doing the same thing and as you know or can imagine – I am not one to do what everyone else is doing! I was so pissed when I heard it was a characters name on Sex and the City…I tell someone that my son’s name is “Aidan” and they say, “Oh, I know forty other Aidans.”
It makes me want to cry.

And now, hot off the press and SON OF A B-!!!

“Bradgelina” had twin girls today and what do they name one of them but…Amélie!!!


I’m gagging. I’m puking. I’m swearing. I am so mad. Seriously. You may think I am being funny but I am NOT LAUGHING!!!
Now every time I walk through a checkout lane I am going to have to see my daughters beautiful name attached to some spoiled brat and the world will constantly be asking, “What is Amélie doing these days!”

I chose her name because it was unique.

If it turns into America’s favorite name like Aidan’s did I am going to puke again.

Forget pronouncing her name right. From now on my dauphine is to be referred to as “The Real Amélie.”