Whose House? My House.

Aug 4, 2012 | Health and Beauty | 6 comments

Come on!  If that doesn’t make you the least bit jazzed 
perhaps you need to check your pulse!
Sorry— I know all ages and sizes read this blog… It’s just that I am so pumped I want every woman on the planet to feel this great!!!!

The results are in!!!

Well, the half way results at least.

Let me backtrack…

I am completely and utterly addicted to
 Turbo Fire.

You know in my Eat Like a Parisienne/Workout like and American series I talked about my workouts over the years, how they have changed as my family grows and my personal time shrinks.
About the same time that I wrapped up that series I saw some photos of myself and thought,
“What the H—?”
“That’s NOT what I thought was going on.”

I mean, I knew I had a ways to go still after baby number 4, but I weighed a reasonable weight, a good bit under the national average (which I think is 165 for a woman of my height) but I looked… well, like I said, not the way I thought I looked.  At the same time I was noticing that my Turbo Jam workouts were, though awesome and fun… perhaps a bit too easy.  I had gotten to the point where I was wearing arm weights, ankle weights, lifting my knee when she was “step, tapping” – I felt good when I was done… but something was missing.
Long gone are my days of running alone and lifting weights for an hour… I needed something serious, butt- kicking and most importantly – results bringing.

My sister suggested Turbo Fire and since I already knew that I loved Chalene’s style I decided to go for it.

I bought the “kit” (a ton of dvd’s, jump mat, glove weights, schedule, guides, etc)
and committed to it.

Totally committed.

Turbo Fire is the most FUN
and the most difficult workout I have EVER done!
I’ve got old lady knees and that whole weak pelvic floor thing going on, so I modify a ton of the moves, but I push myself to the max, wear the weight gloves and I have only missed three workouts in the last 60 days (workout out 6 days a week).  The ones I missed were because I had the flu and my sister had her baby – and I made them all up.

My kids are my cheerleaders (when I am not stepping on them) and they high five me after my fire drills… they hear me talking to myself or Chalene and they say “Come on Momma, you can do it!”

I’ve only lost 3 pounds but WHO CARES!
I took my 60 day measurements today and I have lost another 4.5 total inches in the last thirty days (since the last time I measured).
(Total of 10.5 inches lost all over in the last 60 days)

I’ve got energy oozing from every pore
 (and I have always thought I was energetic)
In fact… these workouts are so awesome you can FEEL your body burning fat every 24 hours later.
It’s like your BUZZED!

What I love more than anything is that it’s all laid out for you.
The schedule is there and there is no wondering, “Is my body going to get used to this?” 
“Is this going to work?”

If you like bumpin’ music, if you long to feel strong, if you even THINK you might need a change –

I love it!~
I love Chalene (though there are days where I swear at her and say very hateful things!)
But her famous expression keeps me going…

I can’t see myself EVER posting my 30, 60 and soon to be 90 and 120 day photos but trust me… 
These workouts will make your feel and look awesome!  

The proof is in the bicep 🙂

There is stuff all over You Tube if you need before and after proof – I’ll leave you with a couple here…

Whose House?
(You’ll see what I mean when you start the program!)

Love you girls!
Have a great weekend!

Check it out with these few videos…
Here Chalene explains the difference between Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire – kind of lame, but helpful if you are confused.

Ok… Here is a couple minutes from the Fire 30 workout.
No, I don’t do all those jumps – I’ve had 4 babies and my butt would fall out:)


  1. Lady Courtney

    You have inspired me!!! There will be modifications for this 50+ woman’s knees. But I’m thinking about it!

  2. Deanna

    peace 2 u,

  3. Mandy

    i so looked into this after seeing your board on pinterest, but it’s freakin expensive! maybe chalene will let you do a giveaway;)

  4. Freygirl


    Go on Amazon. Mine was not the delux kit like my sisters, but you’ll still get the complete program for about $80 or so.

  5. Freygirl


    Go on Amazon. Mine was not the delux kit like my sisters, but you’ll still get the complete program for about $80 or so.


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