I’ve got a lot I want to say about homeschooling, but I know it’s going to offend some, and I am willing to risk that but I do want to say it “just so.” It’s probably going to be a huge post and I don’t want to ramble. I want to write about Christian teens leaving the faith, the treatment of boys in our society, good teachers and crappy textbooks…

Now that Aidan is 3 months shy of 5, we have begun to do a little schooling and I find my convictions growing stronger than ever. The entire thing is amazing and for now, I will share our most recent experiences… opinions to follow in a subsequent post…

Yesterday was incredible.

Watching these children learn is out of this world.
Yesterday I suppose you could say the lessons were: phonics, time tellings, French, Bible, American history, science and theology.

We are learning the alphabet, focusing on phonics. Aidan is DESPERATE to learn to read. At first I was so daunted… how in the world can you teach someone to read?  Can it really happen?  But, we are taking it slow and he AND Amélie are starting to remember the sounds the letters make.  Honestly, the process is fascinating.
He loves to try to tell time and I think he will grasp that completely pretty soon too. We have two little time telling books with clocks and hands that move: Thomas the Train Engine and Peter Rabbit. They love to move those hands and of course they are learning their numbers at the same time. In English and au francais.  (My French is so poor, but I have to teach them what I can!)

Aidan is very interested in just about everything and since the poor kid listens to Laura Ingraham every day he has an awareness of American History and inquires about what he hears, such as the Presidents so at Target the other week I bought a pack of president flash cards.  Yesterday we talked about George Washington.  They were gobbling it up. This morning when I told Amélie that we would do some schooling after Momma worked out she said,
“George Washington?”


I am of course focusing on Aidan and she is learning thru osmosis.

We read a Bible story and “unpacked” it. (The story of Samuel being called by God), we listen to Mark Driscoll and Aidan has a precious, four year old understanding of Christian Theology. It’s amazing.
I spoke some French to them at breakfast and they watched a couple YouTube French lesson… really, children are ravenous to learn. I can’t get over how amazing it is to teach them. What a privilege.

A friend brought over a stack of books in the afternoon… reptiles, planets, technology… I know they don’t understand it, they can’t even read but you can see their little brains just absorbing what they are looking at. They sat for 45 minutes on our front porch “reading” these books at lunch time… they were splitting a hamburger as a treat and the only time they spoke was to ask for more ketchup! Otherwise, there they sat, in the fresh air…

I truly believe some of this attention span is because their brains aren’t jumbled with Blue Clues and Dora.

After naps, we went to my Mom’s. We are on our SECOND round of reading the Little House on the Prairie series. Aidan is obsessed with Laura Ingalls and all things pioneer. Well digging, hunting, making butter, Indians, Indians and more Indians… on the way to Mom’s we were talking about prairie fires, I told Aidan our friends at Na-da Farm burn their prairie… we were chatting away when I saw smoke a mile down the road. Turns out they were burning the prairie here in town so we pulled over, killed the engine and smelled the smells and listened to the smoke and hiss of the fire. Imagining the terror of Ma and Pa with a wall of fire racing towards their homestead. I had my camera in my bag!

Aidan loves schooling. When people ask them if he is in preschool is looks at them says with pride, “We do homeschooling!” It’s hilarious.

We call our school “Whole Heart School” because of something Aidan said last year about my Gramma’s farm and wanting to live their, “It is my Whole Heart Farm” he said with tears in his eyes (he and his Momma want to live on a farm so bad we can cry at the drop of a hat… post on that is coming)… I thought, what a lovely name for a school after all,
the Bible says “love the Lord your God with your whole heart” and “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

This “homeschooling thing” is going to be such an adventure! I’ll share more about my convictions on the subject soon but I just had to share with you about our day.