Whole Heart School is in Session! Artists We are Studying this Year!

Sep 13, 2012 | Homeschooling | 9 comments

Well, we did it.
We are back “on schedule”.

Gone are the wild indian days.
This house no longer runs like a scene from Dances with Wolves…
It’s more like
Master and Commander
(Running like a tight ship… well, as best I can with all the stress of find a home, packing, moving….)

Mom and Dad are breathing a collective sigh of relief – and so are the kids, as children always function better with structure.

This year, following off ideas from Simply Charlotte Mason, we will be studying 6 different artists:
 Claude Monet (though we studied him last year)
Maxfield Parish
Mary Cassett  – LOVE her mother and children paintings!!!!
Georges Seurat
Carl Larsson
P. Buckley Moss
I am VERY excited to teach my children ART!   “Humanities” … I feel… it is so important to learn history, art, music… culture.  I want my children to grow up to be interesting people, with a depth of knowledge about what has come before them and and understanding of what may be on the horizon.  

I know it’s fun for “Homeschooling Mom’s” to find resources and since I know many follow the ideas on Simply Charlotte Mason.com I thought I would share with you these posters that I made for our classroom.  I designed them in Mac Pages, had them printed and laminated so I could use them again in 6 years (which is how we will study… learning some now at this age and again when they are older).

We will read books about these artists, visit the Chicago or Milwaukee Art Museums and do our own works of art inspired by the artist’s technique and medium.
Each child has a stack of canvases 
and a jar of paint brushes ready to go.
I will share their work as the year progresses.
I am also considering the timing
 of the artists and when we study them.
For example, Maxfield Parish’s work is so colorful, we are starting with him so we can take advantage of painting the Midwest fall colors.  In the winter we will study P. Buckley Moss as many of her works include snow… in the Spring we will study Seurat, visit the Art Institute to see La Grand Jatte (I believe it is still in Chicago?  It’s been ages since I’ve seen it)  in person and paint at a local park on a pleasant afternoon. 
 And so on…

Please feel free to use these. 
 If you prefer, I can email you the PDF.  
I am really busy with the magazine right now,
 but I try to respond to each email I receive in a timely fashion.
What are you studying this year?
Isn’t is awesome and HUMBLING 
to be able to teach our children????????
PS, I’d be happy to make a quarter of the $75,000 the Chicago teachers are whining about!


  1. Mandy

    yay! and so happy to read you are also a charlotte mason fan:) you MUST read Educating the Whole Hearted Child by clay and sally clarkson {besides, the name matches;)} it is a tad overwhelming, but such a huge resource! the artist pictures are wonderful, going to attempt to save and print. fyi, my kids LOVED studying norman rockwell last year. he’s lots of fun and you can usually find a big art book of his prints at goodwills or second hand stores…

  2. Mary Palumbo Collings

    You sound so busy…. That’s a good thing… Enjoy
    Ciao for now, Mary

  3. Noël

    Such a great idea! I’m still a few years away from homeschooling, but I am loving gleaning a few ideas from other homeschooling momma’s. Thanks for the future inspiration!

  4. Pur et Simple

    You are always an inspiration! You might like the book Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes and also Keeping a Nature Journal by Clare Walker Leslie. If not for this year – for a future time. 🙂

  5. Tamra

    Beautiful!! As an artist let me say thank you for instilling this while they are young.

    It’s easy to show them how to make their own paints too which can be fun for them. Tempura and milk paints are good water based paints for them to learn. Kids get a kick out of mixing egg yolks to make paint!

    Well done girlie, hope you have a great school year.

    And don’t forget about Corot, his landscapes are lovely.

  6. Amber

    The boys will be of age to start school next year and I never thought I would say this but, I am seriously considering homeschooling. You, my dear, may have just sealed the deal. How’s the packing and house hunting going?? I’ve been out of the loop for a bit.

  7. 7Taylors

    How did you decide who to study? We also follow a Charlotte Mason style of learning. I have been hit or miss with Art though. We are studying Mozart for Music. Just not sure how to go about picking artists. Maybe find some to go along with our American History studies or just a variety. What would you recommend?

  8. Parisienne Farmgirl

    7Taylors, I found the idea for this group of artists on SimplyCharlotteMason.com under their curriculum guide.

    We are also studying six composers and I will blog about that in the future.

    We spent all last year doing North American studies – Laura Ingalls, the first four presidents and we used Audubon as our artist. It was awesome.

  9. melyssa

    Ah dang it all, I have not even thought about studying artists this year…

    Guess we’ll give up math (hurrah!) to make room in our schedule! It’s the only logical response.

    (I’m just full of logical responses!)


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