Today was our first day of school.
We tinkered with it a bit last year, just a few times, but today was the real deal.
I have read a lot about Homeschooling. A lot about Public Schools. A lot about Private Schools. We chose Homeschooling based on some very moral convictions, a genuine concern over comprises made in the average Christian family, the stats of children that leave the faith once they reach their late teens … and out of a desire for our children to receive more of a classical education. I’m not going into this with rose colored glasses. As wonderful as it is going to be it’s going to be difficult. Not for them, for me.
Think about it. I have to educate my children. I have to teach them to read. I have to teach them theology. I have to learn to keep their attention… There won’t be that coveted 6,7,8 hours of Mom time a day… OH! The things that I could get done.
But it’s not about me is it?
And so, this morning at 9:00 we rang the bell, said the pledge, The Lords Prayer and started school.
We are using the Charlotte Mason philosophy of schooling.
There will be NO un-schooling in this house. The education will be classical in the sense that we will use living books when ever we can as opposed to text books but not classical in the sense that some employ the “trivium.”

I was going to invest in a Phonics curriculum but… call me cheap, call me rebellious, I thought I would just hit the Target dollar aisle instead. I was going to pay about $10 for a writing pad on a website that I really respect but why do that when I could get one on clearance at Target? I was going to get flash cards from this same website but why would I do that when I could get them from the Target dollar aisle? All in all, I purchased phonics books, flash cards of all kinds, scissors, colored paper, counting cubes, math magnets, quality letter writing booklets both upper and lowercase, Pre-k workbooks for LeeLee, glue sticks markers… everything we need in addition to our “living books” at home or the library for a mere $44.
Now, if I get to December and Aidan can’t write a lick or read a word it was a bad decision but I think it’s going to be OK. I don’t think the Target dollar aisle will hurt for Kindergarten. Forty four dollars for back to school.
Can’t. Beat. That.

We are almost done with the “School Barn.” It was once my side of the garage, and before that an old carriage shed or something. The floor is wood, the ceiling is wood, the walls are wood, there are two windows as before the garage addition it was the outside wall. Thus the affectionate term “School Barn.”

It is really a charming little space. It has a heat vent and everything.  And to stay connected to the outdoors we can simply open the garage door and school in the fresh air.  It is unbelievable ideal.  I never wanted to be the Mom with the schoolbooks spread all over the dining room table.  Sadly, I am just too uptight for that so I consider us very blessed to have this space to learn.

And I am feeling pretty daunted. It may sound corny but I am REALLY feeling like a Momma now. We have a real schedule. Structure. I feel there is a lot to live up to. I’ve got lots of memories of my Mom having it all together… at least in my eyes as a child. But beyond the school barn, I am feeling really blessed. Forget feeling. I KNOW I am really blessed.
For tomorrow I GET to do it all over again!!!!

Only 2.5 but thrilled to be at her brother’s side learning.
Dapper Dan!