Who Needs Hallmark…

Jul 22, 2008 | Uncategorized | 7 comments

When you’ve got Savvy City Farmer as your Momma…

I was pretty taken off guard and once I got a hold of my emotions this was all I could comment,

“OK, I’m crying now.
You know how worn down I have been feeling lately and you know how dedicated I am to keep fighting.
My God, (respectfully!) how can I tell you how much a simple post of affirmation means to me as I spend half my day keeping my head above water.
You have written about the me I want to be – not the me I have been feeling like lately.
Thank you so much for reminding me who I am and that I am loved in such a way by you.”


  1. cityfarmer

    Happy Birthday, Angela….let’s put on our vintage hats and cry together….I’m so looking forward to some languid time spent at the farm and by the pool.

  2. willzmom

    I came over here from your mom’s site-you both are so blessed to have each other. Just a lovely tribute to you-happy birthday!

  3. Sher

    I had to come straight over here Miss Angela! I read what your mother wrote and let me be the first over here at your blog (after your mom!) to say Happy Birthday and Be Blessed….You are wonderful and I so enjoy coming over here to visit you. I know that you don’t know me – BUT – I admire you and I love the way you put your thoughts into words!! YOU are an inspiration.
    So – Cheers mon amie! (Ok, I’m not French, I pulled out the handbook, I hope that means My Friend!!)

    Happy Birthday – xo Sher “just another faithful blog reader!”

  4. Sher

    Somebody beat me to the punch.

    Oh well – Cheers sweetie!
    Happiest of Birthdays!
    xo Sher

  5. Julee Ann

    Happy Birthday! It’s not a Cousins Post, yet, but it will have to do for now.

  6. Alison Gibbs

    Happy Birthday Angela
    What a sweet post by your Mom

  7. Farmgirl Cyn

    Happy birthday dear Ang! You are just about as sweet as can be, and I have known you for a LONG time! You are a blessing to your mom, and to many others who call you friend. I am one.


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