Or, at the very least, “Where this Woman Creates” WWC is a fine magazine run by the amazing Jo Packam and once I had the honour of being on the cover of Jo’s food based “Where Women Cook” (found here). That was back in the blogging hay-day… but…

Forgive my old hairband throwback, it’s moments like this where Steven Tyler screams in my mind,
I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack in the saddle again!

I mean, dang girl, no one can sing it like the Demon of Screamin’, but after sorting through garbage bags of laundry and hundreds of boxes of LEGOS and homeschool supplies, I’ve located all of my inspiring coffee table books, French signs, Italian Terra Cotta pots and created a new energy filled workspace and darned if I don’t feel like a rock star ready to show Mr. Tyler “What it Takes.”

(BTW, I dream of a duet with him on that one).

This surge began oddly enough, with a trip to Green Bay for groceries. (I’ve become the worst food hoarder ever!) and while I was down in civilization I thought I’d hit Sephora for some much-needed pore spackle and Home Depot for some houseplants.

I live in a giant greenhouse Eco home now after all. (WORDS I NEVER THOUGHT I’D TYPE.)

Finding houseplants in Green Bay in January turned out to be more difficult then I could have expected but I finally stumbled upon a big store called Steins that appears to be a cross of Hobby Lobby/JoAnne  Fabrics and a nursery. They’re my new best friend. But first I had to load my truck with enough food for FEMA to feed a trailer park.

That Costco run brought out some killer skills. How much of the healthiest food in this store can I buy for as little as possible? While frozen pizzas and prepacked organic ravioli beckoned me, I stuck with my foundational ingredients list like a boss.

I got two compliments in the check out lane when my total bill came up on the screen. “Wow, you’ve got a lot of food for that price!” Boom. Mission accomplished. #whosyourmomma? But not without some harassment from the Gestapo at the door when I handed her my receipt.

Four bags of steel cut oats?


NINE cartons of eggs?


Four maple syrups?

I’m sorry, Is there a problem?

You know, years ago when we had a TV… and I mean like, well over a decade ago, I remember John Stossel doing some story on Sixty Minutes about how it’s actually illegal that those big box stores search you before you try to leave. The Libertarian in me loved that episode and to this day I feel accosted when they (fake) scan my receipt and then scan my cart. Call me when you’ve tried to feed your family of eight organic, GMO-free and from-scratch food in the winter. Nine dozen eggs when you have no chicken flock?   You bet your booty. And come on, am I the only person that packs up her receipt in her bag EVERY time forgetting that they are going to want to read it as I leave the store?

What the heck.

By the time I drove back home there were palm trees, hanging baskets and copious amounts of Kirkland’s maple syrup blocking every window in my truck except the windshield.


Life is BACK! It’s back in my blood and bones.

You’ll never see the white flag of surrender waving from the top of my turret but, oh my heaven, that move and the 90 days it took to pack that house and farm about killed me.

The last time we moved (to Half-Way Farm) I told my Mom “I’d rather have another baby”, and don’t forget, I have my babies at home, sans drugs. I ate those words as thirty days later I discovered a surprise baby (number five). This time, despite nine trips, 2,500 miles and thousands of dollars in moving expenses and I kept my blinders on, knowing that soon and very soon it would be over.

No more surprise blessings for me thank-you-very-much. I’ve spent enough years of my life with all day morning sickness in the fetal position on the bathroom floor while my family tried to survive without me.

Now, here we are, removing carpeting, scraping wallpaper, new “Northern Door” YMCA members, constantly fanning the smoke detector on account of the thirty-five-year-old oven from hell…

Life is coursing through my veins and it’s not something I take for granted. So many are dealing with so much. Loss. Misery. Stress beyond articulation, but thanks be to God that is not our chapter these days. Moving boxes and smoke filled house be damned.

THESE are the good old days and no complaint will cross my lips. THIS is what we’ve been working for, for so long.

And speaking of work…

I’ve got my office set up.


Did I just say that? I HAVE AN OFFICE! What sort of world is this where I get an office to work my doTERRA biz and to write this blog?

I’m humbled as I suddenly find myself the keeper of an office with an incredible view to what will be my gardens, complete with French doors and a place to let the creativity flooooooooow and the goals develop.   It’s a decadence that doesn’t quite register.

Something is clicking though, because I am ready to take my doTERRA business to the next level. Oh, yes I am!!!!

It’s been so exciting to watch my team advance within the company and like a mother hen, I feel very protective of their success. But, excitedly the time has come where I feel I can set some new goals for myself. It’s onward and upward and I’ll take anyone along that wants to come. (You promise you’ll reach out to me if you want to start your new oil business with me. I’m looking for eight new business partners that want to work with me!)

I’m sketching my Potager and outlining my next book. Oh my goodness, both haunt me all night while I try to sleep.

It’s a creativity explosion and it feels fantastic!

Right now I am loving the discipline of decorating with all these old favs, many of which have been packed away for five years plus BUT knowing that this is temporary. There are lights that need repair and silly couches with makeshift slipcovers…  and I can’t wait to load it up with art supplies and creative chaos, but that’s OK.

I can be patient.

This is MY house now. Not a landlords. I get to style and design each room as we progress; making them livable in the meantime.

I’d say this space “Where Women Create” is livable? Wouldn’t you?

Office and Creative Space

Office and Creative SpaceOffice and Creative Space

Office and Creative Space

Office and Creative Space

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