Is this a joke?  If you saw our President on TV last night or are keeping up with anything he’s been doing then HOPEFULLY you are beginning to see his true colors; good night, if you have not already.

I really don’t know where to begin, I have been laying low to give everybody a break but my goodness this guy is going to take this country down in flames – I pray I am wrong.  He escapes to read to school children when supposedly this country is already going down in flames.  Bush reads to kids the day of 9-11 and people ridicule him!  Hello??  Despite what Rosie thinks Bush did not know the attacks where going to  happen!!!  President Obama on the other hand has only been on the job for a few days and in the middle of all this scandal with his cabinet has the nerve to say to school children “we had to escape.”  Talk about hiding behind the children!!!!
And then, last night on TV (I don’t have TV but manage to stay slightly informed) he has the NERVE to talk to the American people the way he did!  He is more condescending than Al Gore and more cocky than Bush COMBINED!  What a whiner!!!  Crying about how tired his staff is, how tired Nancy Pelosi’s staff if.  Poor thing.  And crying about the “cable chatter.”  What, can’t handle it when people disagree with you?  Leadership turning out to be a little difficult?  When all the Hollywood effects and the cool infomercials are done, when Bruce Springstien and Beyoncé have gone home…Not, perhaps the Messiah after all???  
No Mr. President, this is a SPENDING BILL!  And hey, you “Republicans” – shaving 100 million off the bill does not make it palatable!!!  All he wants to do is rush, rush, rush this bill through and all it is is all the CRAP that the democrats have not been able to get through in the last 10 years.  Why don’t those jerks just cut taxes???  Stop printing money, stop waving a measly $500 tax credit in my face as if that is going to help me.  I mean, Oh goody, my health insurance premiums just went up to $500 a month so if you think I am going to run out and buy a new wardrobe to “stimulate the economy” you’ve got another thing coming!!!  
And THE NERVE of him complaining about he lifestyles of the CEOS on Wall Street when where is our dear President this week???  He is at a spa in Virginia!!!  Him and all his buddies.  His “first time” on Air Force One and he joking about how cool it is.  AND he doesn’t even fly over Kentucky where people are STILL without power!  But they are just a bunch of white people living in the hills so they don’t matter…Can you imagine if Bush didn’t fly over Katrina????
I know I am going on and on trying to piece together all the news that has been coming in the last week.  I am really disgusted if you can not tell.  You’ve got people on The Hill saying they have to make sure that the labor jobs created by the stimulus don’t land in the laps of “white laborers” (IE: my husband), you’ve got Nancy Pelosi and the bile the she spews every day and then our cocky, ego maniac of a President.  It’s really unreal.  Call Capitol Hill and voice your hopeful “outrage” over this bill and of course (and I get harassed for not saying this enough), but pray for this country, pray for our President and do your best to stay informed.
I know I am just rambling but here are some articles/sound bites to help.  Some are quite a hoot: