So now we have it. Now as women we, “Have it all!” We can have an abortion in the privacy of our own homes.

We’ve come a long way baby!

Any day now you will be able to walk down the aisles of Meijers and buy the “Morning After Pill.” Heck, you will probably find them at Speedway next to the Advil.

My fellow females. Abortion is the antithesis of feminism. There is nothing feminine about expelling the remains of your dead baby alone in your bathroom. If you or your friends believe this new drug to be an “advancement” of our societies modern, free thinking, well, I have said it before, I will say it again. You have been fooled. And you know what they call someone who has been fooled…

What you won’t hear in Cosmo, on CNN or on NPR is the truth about abortion, let alone this new drug that is now available to all high school seniors over the age of 18. Helen Gurley Brown and the Carrie Bradshaw’s of this world would like you to believe that there are no moral consequences to getting pregnant on Monday night and going out to party again on Friday night.

You’re shocked? I am calling that innocent little “morning after pill” an abortion. Well what else is it? It inhibits the growth of a baby…oh, I’m sorry, a fetus…I mean a blastocyst…I mean a cell…whatever, it’s the size of this period . how could it really matter in the grand scheme of things anyways?

“The Morning After Pill” Doesn’t it have a lovely ring to it? Don’t you see a lovely, naked couple, gently draped under a white sheet. Filtered sunlight. Coldplay on the radio? What a tidy little name to give such a nasty little pill.

“Hey baby, why don’t you pop a couple of these? That party was so hot last night. I know we had protection…for at least one round!”

There is no shock, here in the Farmhouse. What else could I except from this sick, perverted, culture of death? What else could I expect from politicians who care more about the Caribou in Alaska than the moral pulse of our nation. Let alone it’s most defenseless creatures.

Hey, if you think I am crazy. Here is a clue. You’ve been desensitized.

You know… some of those babies we are all so happy to get rid of are little GIRLS. Susan B. Anthony is rolling over in her grave.