Thanksgiving was hosted a chez Reed this year. Husband and Wife Wilkes, dating Wilke and her beau, Waltimres and two fantastic Owens added joy and merriment to the 3 Reeds. It was a 3 woman effort to pull off and present a feast for all 11 of us. A moveable feast indeed with the credit going to two of the four Frey Girls.

What is it about the Frey Girls? From T.J. to Ruthie they have mastered the art of Domestic Goddess-ship down to the finest details. Martha who?

Frey Girl Joy walked in Thursday morning with new jeans on and bird and apron in hand. She had stayed up til Midnight the evening before to make sure that the turkey was done in time to leave at 9am. She realized at the last minute that she needed to plan this way – her original plans being to arrive a chez Reed at 8am with an uncooked bird. The bird would have been ready just in time for Christmas Eve had she not changed her plans to involve some midnight cooing. Would I have thought of that?

Enter middle Frey, Frey Girl Julee looking dare I say…sexy in the jeans that Oprah told her to buy and enough casserole fixins to feed our boys in Iraq. She reaches for an apron and goes to it. Amazing. She passes on her wisdom in the art of making mashed potatos. Potato water? Hows come I didnt know that?

Frey’s not present but not forgotten?…

Small Frey Ruthie. Well, I have happily experienced the kind of spread that she can put on – all the while sipping on a Montelpuciono and laughing hystarically at Frey jokes. I challenge you to search her house for a lint ball or crumb in the silverware drawer…good luck.

And the matron of all domestic duties…T.J. Frey. A woman who’s laundry smells like heaven and who never, ever, no matter how much more convienient it would be; asks you to use a paper plate. She also complains about dirt and dust. I have “cleaned” her house after it has sat empty for four months. I think maybe she should just clean her glasses.

Here are things I have learned from the Frey Girls. I pass on their wisdom with pride.

1. Clip you toenails after a warm bath. FG Joy.
2. How to wind the cord of your iron or hair appliances. FG Ruthie.
3. How to load a Creative Memories book. FG Julee.
4. Stir the apples frequently when making applesauce so the dont scorch. FG TJ
5. Plant your annuals in clumps of two or three. FG Joy.
6. How to wax facial hair. FG Joy.

“Your mother waxes her upper lip?”
“She has for years.”
“Can’t tell.”

7. Iron and pin before you sew. FG Joy.
8. Try laying him on his tummy. FG TJ.
9. The ONLY way to fold towels. FG TJ passed down to FG Joy.
10. How to make a ‘smore. FG Julee.
11. Dust before you vacuum. FG Joy.
12. Even though they may be easier to grab by putting silverware in the dishwasher with the handles down you are sure that they will get clean. FG Ruthie.

I could go on and on but in the meantime I struggle to be a Frey Girl even though at times I fancy myself to be quite the domestic goddess. I still at times fail.

I failed two weeks ago when I found mold in my laundry pile. I botched it again when I found hot fudgie pudding in my oven this morning. (Leftovers from Thanksgiving.) I fail when I just don’t feel like cleaning my tub or when spring comes and my hostas are still rotting where they fell. I fail cause I still like to put my silverware in with the handles so I can grab ’em and I fail when the hair on my bathroom floor starts to look like a salon.

God bless you TJ for passing on your wisdom. God bless you Mom for passing on yours. God bless you Aunts Julee and Ruthie for keeping it real. I don’t know how you all do it but you inspire me.

I want to be a Frey Girl when I grow up.