Obviously – it’s not about what to wear…
But I LOVE selecting what to wear for Easter Service and dinner.
I was GREATLY influenced by Princess Diana as a child, young girl and newly wed.
I remember seeing how wonderfully she dressed for Easter service.
This was my all time favorite.
Photo: Zazzle
You have no idea how hard I tried to find an outfit like that for Aidan one year. It was when I realized that unless it’s some corny clip on tie – most stores don’t even OFFER anything for boys to look nice. I wanted (want) shoes like that for him SO BAD!
This photo is so classic. I mean just LOOK at her!!!! AMAZING!!!
While we are remembering, here is a clip of the late, great Lady Di…
Always on the prowl for something classic and for a good deal I was SO pleased to pick up these sweet, little vintage numbers for my daughters at the Vintage Clothing Show last month. My guess is they are about 30-35 years old, probably worn once. I wish they were both Navy. I am a SUCKER for navy blue, especially on Easter and for myself have not found anything I like in navy since Easter 2000. Sigh.




I wanted to make them their Easter dresses, but you really can’t beat $20.00 a piece. Besides, I knocked my sewing machine off the counter and haven’t been able to get it fixed yet. Going through serious withdrawal!!
Wait ’til you see them on. They are so sweet!
For myself:
I have three choices this year, pulled from my closet.
Not a lot of shopping going on these days – I try to really hold back until all the baby weight is gone (almost there!).
Option A (ah):
I bought this in Paris 8 years ago at Burton. I wore it to Notre Dame. It’s so simple and comfortable. But a little less tailored then I like to be on Easter. I do love clothes with structure for special days.
The top is a 3/4 sleeve – and t-shirt material. A pink shoe would be charming but I don’t have any.
I do have these faux lizard from my favorite thrift store – Nine West, never worn, $10.00.
COME ON! I bought them in teal too!
For a necklace I have my great gramma’s pink, two strand… so pretty. I would probably go with a nondescript earring, like my tiny opal studs.


Option B (bay):


This dress is wonderful! Found it at TJ Maxx a couple months ago. $50.00.  It’s sure to bring me plenty of wear over the next couple years. It’s very well made. It was a little snug but the cut was great and I HAD to have it. It fits great now – It’s got a great structure to it. I am not too thrilled with sleeveless aspect but that’s because my biceps went to crap with this last pregnancy and have NOT recovered yet.
I could do all neutral of course – those neutral heals in the last photo would create a nice long leg on a shorty like me but I do love me some color so I have paired it with these blue shoes. I do love this necklace, found it at my favorite thrift store for $4.00…wear it ALL the time. I love the lack of opacity in the stones… they are so milky. The shoes I bought at Nordstrom probably 13 years ago. No, they are not practical. They were $65.00 and I have worn them about ten times. To have a robin’s egg colored shoe when I need it has been fun but I am actually leaning towards another option with this dress.
Now we are talking!
I love wearing them with NOTHING else red!
I found these a couple months ago and they have been a wonderful addition to the wardrobe. I wear them often with dressy jeans and a white t-shirt. 
 Red patent. 
 Gives me goosebumps.
This is the ensemble I am most attracted to for tomorrow. I love the blue necklace and red shoes. Pretty excited.
I love Etienne Ainger shoes (and purses). And TJ Maxx always has them. These were $40.00, which is the top of my shoe budget these days! Ugh, that sounds so sad. If I shop it’s usually at TJ Maxx… it’s the only store within an hour of this town that is worth it.  Nordstrom is so far away and 10% sales tax in that town!!!
I like TJM because the clothes are affordable and they last. This Calvin Klein was only $50.00. Do you know how many times I will wear this dress this summer? A lot.
And finally,
Option C (say):
Yes, to some of you diehards. It does look familiar.
 I bought it last year and wore it 5 months pregnant to my sister’s shower (I just pulled the sash up over the bump – it worked!) and last Easter and I wore it last weekend to the launch. (See, it was $50.00 and I have worn it for three occasions already! That is so worth it!)
Talk about structure – this dress had it going on!
It is such a unique piece of clothing. Stiff, tailored, fun, well-made and super feminine. AND – it has pockets so it’s a bit on the sporty side. I love the pockets…. “Hmmm, what should I do with my hands… I know! I’ll put them in my pockets!”
I like the neutral shoe with this. And the style of the shoe compliments the retro look of the dress too.
For jewelry I have my light pink watch – the sportiness goes, it’s a more casual selection and keeps the dress from looking too evening-ish.
Can’t you feel that structure?
Could I USE that word ONE more time???


So, no hats for me this year.
No killer, classic, Diana-esque ensemble.
We’ll save that for next year!
Today I am cleaning this house – I’ve been taking it pretty easy this week and now there are dust bunnies on the stairway! We had SUCH an amazing week with schooling and as a family, I can’t wait to tell you all about it.
Tonight I’ll set the table for tomorrow, and it’s Resurrection cookies and colored eggs with the kids.
Which outfit do you like best?
What styles are you drawn to and why?
What are YOU wearing tomorrow?
If I don’t catch you before then let me remind you…
Our Savior is risen.
His body is not there!
He is risen!
He is risen – INDEED!