Indulge me.

I’m giddy.

I am retiring my mom uniform (as of late) of more than ripe yoga pants and random t-shirts for something much more me…. much more….


So I had to decide what to wear for Christmas!

What to Wear for Christmas

This week I am hosting a little girl’s tea party for Amélie’s 7th birthday (Christmas Eve) and hosting Christmas.

And the kids were in the church play this morning so I wanted to wear something…. fabulous.

As if Jesus cares if I look fabulous. 


What to Wear for Christmas What to Wear for Christmas


A couple of years ago I made this Carolina Herrera inspired skirt – with pockets.  Yes, I love her some much I named one of my goats after her.  But I haven’t worn it in three years so this is my week is my chance.  I needed a black-ish blouse but those are hard to find so I dyed this white one last minute, last night (with RIT dye)and yes, it’s a TOUCH purple and I paired it with the belt from my sophomore year homecoming dress (sometimes purging your closet is over-rated).

I worked hard for and paid for and wore that $400 red, velvet, Casual Corner dress twenty years ago and I can’t bare to part with it.  (Someday I will show you the whole thing and you will see why…. oie me… I had such excellent taste in my teens, says I….).  It hit Charming Charlie Friday (while grocery shopping) for clearance section rhinestone earrings ($6.99) and there you have it.  An... a mon avis…fabulous Christmas ensemble for a whole $11.

(This year’s cost of dye and earrings).

Oh, Adrienne Vittadini shoes from TJ Maxx two years ago (24.99).  Bestill my heart.  If shoes can ruin and outfit then these babies MAKE this one!!!!

What to Wear for Christmas

Go shopping in your own closet.

I dare you.

What to Wear for Christmas

Sure, there are more important questions to ask but…

What will you be wearing this Christmas?

What to Wear for Christmas

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