What NOT to do during Naptime…

Jul 26, 2008 | Full Time Family, Joie de Vivre | 6 comments

Beth, This a day late (Laugh Your Arse Off Thursdays) but perhaps it will help move things along!


  1. Faith

    Dang girl you look amazing!!! Are we going to see eachother??? Joel is a trip.

  2. ssuzanness

    I am TOTALLY laughing my arse off!!!

  3. Homemakerang

    this is so HILARIOUS! and i like how you bite! FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i heard what you said!

    Joel… it took tons of forthought to pull this off which makes you in more trouble i think!

  4. cityfarmer

    almost peed my pants again…missed the comment about Aidan’s butt while you were editing….OMG

  5. Faith

    What TO do during naptime-a new post!!! :):)

  6. Julee Ann

    I’m really surprised no one has given credit where credit is due to the cohorts that helped Joel with his forthought.

    PF & cityfarmer, did no one take any other pictures of the week-end? Must I always be the one to suggest group shots?

    Did y’all survive the storm?


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