Jul 26, 2006 | Full Time Family | 8 comments

Ok Savvy City, Nic all Alone, Funkadelica, Even you JULS! I guess I have to be Nic, Chels or Grampa to deserve a blog on my birthday. What is this…punishment for a lack of babe’s first birthday photos!
Chelsea gets a poem and a giant photo, Grampa gets immortalized in his black socks and Nic and Chels will forever regret making faces into an IMac…


  1. teambarrett18

    If I had a blog I would help you out! 🙂 Relax you get your wonderful tribute every time your beautiful son says “mama”.

  2. julee

    Guess you shoulda given photo booth a try! Hang on.

  3. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Just so everyone understands…it was SUPPOSED to be funny. Joel said I sounded “snide.”

  4. Amanda

    NO, it is funny, but it’s also true that you do deserve a blog….the problem is that I AM TERRIBLE at remembering birthdays, but I think it’s the 22nd? I have to dig up a picture! Hmmmmmm….

  5. julee

    I didn’t see a birthday wish on Big Daddy Joel’s site, so I don’t think he has any right to comment!

  6. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Big Daddy went above and beyond this year –
    1. The Complete works of Shakespeare, 1954 Oxford, Yale Press – so cool, faded blue fabric covers…
    2. Season One of The Office
    3. A new CD, ‘How Bout You – I like my country rockin, how ’bout you!
    4. Royal Comemorative Plate of Queen Mary and King George V – circa 1915?

  7. Amanda

    I don’t know what any of that other stuff is, but I LOVE THE OFFICE! I don’t get a chance to watch it much because I’m usually already sleeping, but I do make an attempt each week. It’s GOOD!

  8. cityfarmer

    I know for fact that I was not even close to my blog corner.

    I am truly sorry though.
    AND it was funny.
    Your crowning gloriy is on its way, Friday.
    Comment buttons will be on fire.


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