We’re Finally Laying Tile! Will it Hold Up?

Feb 23, 2024 | On Design, On Homemaking, The Parisienne Farmhouse | 5 comments

We’re laying tile baby!

Or should I at least say, Happy Friday! We made it! How was your week? I hope you are having the same fabulous weather that we are having here. (Social skills Ang, geesh.)

Oh my goodness, I went outside in a T-shirt and WORKED IN MY GARDEN today. It’s February 22nd. Considering that I live 150 miles from the Canadian border (as the crow flies) … gardening in February is a BIG DEAL.

I can feel those happy gardening endorphins surging through my veins!

It’s been a banner week. My daughter’s jazz band is going to state, and my trivia team CRUSHED again the other night at trivia. To say I love trivia is an understatement, and I’m so proud of our team. It’s been a highlight of my winter. (You wonder why I make such a stink about Paris. I’m a literal homebody. I don’t go anywhere aside from church, trivia and see my Gramma every 12 weeks!)

But that’s not really why I’m writing you today! I’m writing you because….

We’re laying the tile in the bootroom this week!

I got home from my Grams (an 8-hour drive), cleaned a bathroom, made a meal, and began tiling before I could even come up for air – and you’ll never hear me complain!

Ok – maybe my back hurt a little after that first day, but aside from that, I’m positively ecstatic about finally installing this new floor. It’s going to take for-ev-er, but I’m here for it!

The challenge is finding little 30-minute chunks of time to work. This week I got in about four hours total and finished a little over 1/3rd of the boot room. Not bad, considering extra time is not something I have an abundance of.

The other challenge is making sure I chose the right sealer for this dream floor of mine. We are SO HARD on this house, it has to get cleaned at the end of every day or it completely goes off the rails. The kitchen takes the most abuse and by noon sometimes you can’t even tell it was spotless at 6 am. So, that being said, with these being the boot room and kitchen floors, they are going to get a LOT of traffic. “Lots spills, thrills, laughs and games”.

Thanks to a social media friend whom I greatly admire, I landed on a product called Mexeseal from Green Builder Supply. She suggested I try the satin and the semi-gloss in sample form and she was so right. It was good to see the two options side by side and after slapping on a few coats to a tile I poured food all over it the next day to see how it would stand up to being our kitchen floor – you’ll have to watch the video to see the results!

I’m testing my sealed tile with: -Grenadine -Coffee grounds -Red wine -Garden mud -Soy sauce and more! Have you ever done anything crazy to put a new home improvement to the test? Do tell!

As I type, my mechanic son is walking in the house… I guess I better try grease too. Yikes!

Stay tuned!


  1. Kathryn Cartier

    Thank you SO much . This is so encouraging , I have a entry hall to do.
    You are doing great, it’ll be done before you know it.

  2. Carolyn Marie

    You are my favorite person to watch, Angela. God has gifted you with many talents, and you are
    using them wisely. Your home is already beautiful and your tile will be stunning. God bless you and
    your hard working husband and children.

  3. Angela T.

    Hi Angela,
    I love what you’ve done with your floors. They are absolutely beautiful, great choice in tile. I’ve been following you on YouTube for a year now and really enjoy your videos. It just so happens that my husband is a stone restoration contractor and after we watched your video he had a few suggestions for protecting your beautiful terracotta floors. I wanted to pass along his professional advice in hopes that it might be of help.

    He recommends you use Floortek 6 Nanocoat extra low gloss by cleaning the tile and reapplying every six months for a busy household. Six coats at a time should be sufficient.

    I hope this advice helps you maintain your very special floors.

    Angela T.

  4. Melissa

    Hey Angela! Flooring is looking great! I watched your last Paris trip and wondered if you could share about your cross body bag? Thanks!

    • Parisienne Farmgirl

      Hi there, thank you. I got it at the BHV in Paris. (The red leopard one?)


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