We’re Back…

Oct 3, 2009 | Uncategorized | 5 comments

Not wanting to let the world know our exact location I kept it on the low-down in Blogland that we were taking off for a little family vacation (we used that word for the kids’ sake).
We just rolled into town, back from Door Country. No, we didn’t stay at the Thorp House this year (see side bar) — we camped.
Yes, it was cold this week.
Yes, we all slept in a tent and it was 32 degrees at night.
Yes, you remember correctly, I am almost 6 months pregnant.
Yes, I am crazy.
Yes, now I am starting a jar on top of the fridge for a trip that involves a BIKINI!
More to come.


  1. Anne Marie

    yeah; uh; thanks for the phone call…….

    glad to see you washed the soil out of your hair…….

    and you are probably the only person I know that has actually camped in a tent; not this ‘fake’ camping with the DELUX mobiles…
    pa! what a joke……..

  2. Carolyne

    Oh, that is so *Fun*….not at all crazy!
    I was an enthusiastic camper at eight-and-a-half months during my third pregnancy (Yes, you count those halves, when camping).
    They were some of the best memories ever –and “the babe” is now the hunkiest 22 year-old who just finished his first TransAmerica bike trip, 4,858 miles worth.
    Outdoor Mamas make very Independent and Inspired babies. Congratulations!
    ((hugs)) Carolyne

  3. Victoria

    We almost drove there to bring you guys the sleeping bag. No, really.

    Glad you had fun! I hope you have mucho pinturas of little A and A collecting acorns and such to share.

    P.S. I, too, have camped several time in a tent. Kudos to you! The hard ground is the worst. :(~


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