Wedding Recovery Mode…

Jun 20, 2011 | Beauty and Style, Full Time Family | 19 comments

I know Mom and I said we would have our big “budget” post up by tomorrow but I just talked to her and girlfriend is in the fetal position!  She worked her TAIL off this weekend – which as we will discuss soon, is part of the price of a D.I.Y. wedding.  I think she is the one that needs the Honeymoon!
She said she was going to come over tomorrow and sit in my “pool” all day to recover but, we’ll see.  I think she may need to lay in bed all day and eat bonbons!  I know I could lay in bed all day after being “Maid of Honor” and mother to three wee ones at an outdoor wedding – (Speaking of working hard – my husband was AMAZING yesterday-  on full blown dad duty as I did my duties – HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO YOU BABE!!!!)
So, whether it’s tomorrow or later this week we still aren’t done talking about weddings at Parisienne Farmgirl and Savvy City Farmer... so much to look forward to…
if this photo doesn’t kill you first!


  1. STORIES Photography

    I KNOW you guys worked for days and days and all I did was about 16 hours, but I feel like someone removed my legs and tied my thighs in knots before reattaching them. Usually I wait for the bride to see them, but I have a sneak peak up from some of my favorites.

  2. Rosemary@villabarnes

    What an adorable shot! I know you and your mom rocked it with the wedding. Can’t wait to see the photos. Get some rest and prepare to share.

  3. Lady Farmer

    I’m sure it WAS absolutely INCREDIBLE! As a mom who has done two “on a budget” outdoor weddings, I’m thinking you and your mom will need a good week to recover! But I can hardly wait to see all of the delicious wedding pics and D.I.Y. ideas! That is, if I recover from that adorable photo!
    Simply angelic!

  4. A Vintage Green

    Your little ones look so adorable. You and your mom must be EXhausted. Looking forward to your next blog(s).

    The ‘hat’ from June 16 blog is a work of art.

  5. Renata

    Love the photo! So cute!
    Hope you get some time to sit around & relax!
    Have a wonderful week

  6. { T G L }

    Supercute photo!!

    Enjoy resting up 🙂

    This Good Life

  7. Ann at eightacresofeden

    It almost killed me – just picked myself off the floor after seeing what is probably the sweetest wedding photo ever in the history of photos of children at weddings. I knew to expect the adorable hat but the mode of transport for your chickens did it for me – and they were happy to sit and be pulled along? Can’t wait to see all the other photos and the touches of teal everywhere!

  8. It's me

    Look at that … sweeeeeeeeettttt!!…what a lovely picture darling !!…happy week ….love Ria,……xxx…

  9. Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio

    i know what you mean! weddings are such happy events, but they do require lots of physical and emotional energy, and being pregnant to boot, OMG! Love the pic of the kiddies. That hat is tres parisienne. hope you will pop on over and see the weddings going on at hopelessly romantic.
    bisou, Gerri

  10. Dodie

    What a precious precious picture of your little “future” brides and groom. You have adorable kids.

  11. adventuresindinner

    Delicious photo of your petit enfants.

    Bonne chance avec le nouveau bebe.

  12. Elizabeth

    I cannot wait to see the finished result! I love the ohotograph of your adorable kids!

    Try to get some rest, with 3 little ones running around and a house to run and meal to prepare or at least a 5 minute breat to rest with a cup of tea.

  13. The Norwegian

    I gotta say, I am a huge fan of your husband’s! I often think how lovely it is that you two have each other.

  14. A Cottage Muse

    That is the best post tease photo I have ever seen…so sweet!!

  15. Deanna

    luv the green with the whites!
    great colors.
    May you all get rested up.

  16. à la parisienne

    What a gorgeous shot of your little chickens!!!!!!!!

    I love their little dresses and their hats are superb! It looks like Hoolie’s hat has a more pillbox style-super chic.
    Aiden looks like a handsome little man, too.

    Great job fluffing up the wagon. I can only imagine trying to keep those chickens rounded up during an outdoor wedding-kudos to daddy!

    I look forward to seeing the rest of the wedding.


  17. Room Service ~ Decorating 101

    Too cute for words ! I know you will not believe this but I dreamed about this wedding last night! I can’t wait for the photos.

  18. ElmwoodCats

    Beautiful!! Your little ones are soo precious-their “bonnets”, their “carriage”, amazing!! Oh so lovely!!

  19. Musings From A French Cottage

    How exciting!! Congratulations to your sister and way to go you and mom, for putting it all together.

    My sister got married on June 18 too! Her wedding was in Charleston, SC and I know what you mean about dad being on “full dad duty.” My husband worked his tail off all day while I did my sisterly duties. He was chasing 4 little ones and I actually had the nerve to ask him to be sure and take lots of pictures… haha what was I thinking? Poor thing, he forgot to bring the camera into the church 🙂

    Glad everything went well. Your photos are wonderful and the little chickens are so adorable!!

    God Bless,


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