style="clear: both; text-align: center;">IT’S OVER!
I know Mom and I said we would have our big “budget” post up by tomorrow but I just talked to her and girlfriend is in the fetal position!  She worked her TAIL off this weekend – which as we will discuss soon, is part of the price of a D.I.Y. wedding.  I think she is the one that needs the Honeymoon!
She said she was going to come over tomorrow and sit in my “pool” all day to recover but, we’ll see.  I think she may need to lay in bed all day and eat bonbons!  I know I could lay in bed all day after being “Maid of Honor” and mother to three wee ones at an outdoor wedding – (Speaking of working hard – my husband was AMAZING yesterday-  on full blown dad duty as I did my duties – HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO YOU BABE!!!!)
So, whether it’s tomorrow or later this week we still aren’t done talking about weddings at Parisienne Farmgirl and Savvy City Farmer... so much to look forward to…
if this photo doesn’t kill you first!