Alright, maybe not galore but how about a BUNCH!
I had my camera out a bit but as M.O.H. with little ones it was WAY to difficult to take photos of everything I wanted to capture – impossible!  Thankfully Mom turned her camera over to a cousin and we had the professional Aunt Julee there – she took two thousand photographs that day (I’ve taken 1,500 at a wedding but NEVER 2,000!!!!)  But my goodness, the bride was GORGEOUS…STUNNING!, the setting splendid, how could she take any less???… wait til you see the CASTLE!!!!
I have this dream that someday when we have our farm I will be able to host and plan weddings… after this weekend I really don’t know if I can wait until then!  From designing the hats and fascinators to the countless planning and designing sessions with Mom and Chelsea it was all so fun.  I suppose you could say it’s like childbirth in that you forget the  “pain” – – – I always thought that was a load!  This was stressful and labor is excruciating – still, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
All the details from the day still to come!
























More to come!
Any moment now Mom should have her post up too!  She’s got all the yummy centerpiece/design shots!!!!!