Blame it on the Blizzard if you want, 
everything else is shutting down around here!
I had your class scheduled to start February 1st but I am going to hold back til the 2nd so I can post what I feel is this important blog.
You know how passionate I am about organic, healthy food…. You know how much the President and his policies get on my nerves….

Here we go again…
While Michelle is out campaigning for us all to have a healthy, organic lifestyle… (not out of our own choice but thru more government programs) Barack is siding with Monsanto  by approving GMO alfalfa… this could be devastating to our organic dairy farmers and many more….

Here is an excerpt from Food Democracy Now that explains this further…

Clearly you can see this is just about control.

 I wish I was a calm, non-passionate person sometimes cause frankly, this has me so ticked off I could blow a gasket.  Left or Right, love him or hate him can we not all agree that it’s SICK for the Obamas to go on and on about eating healthy and then to team up with Monsanto as if we are all too stupid to put two and two together??

Please take a moment and visit Food Democracy Now, on behalf of the small farmer and those of us across the country who want to have the RIGHT to healthy and GMO free!

All the more reason to learn to grow your own!
See you on the 2nd for Potager 101, Class One and the Giveaway Winner!!!!