We Interrupt this Potagar Class…

Feb 1, 2011 | Uncategorized | 17 comments

Blame it on the Blizzard if you want, 
everything else is shutting down around here!
I had your class scheduled to start February 1st but I am going to hold back til the 2nd so I can post what I feel is this important blog.
You know how passionate I am about organic, healthy food…. You know how much the President and his policies get on my nerves….

Here we go again…
While Michelle is out campaigning for us all to have a healthy, organic lifestyle… (not out of our own choice but thru more government programs) Barack is siding with Monsanto  by approving GMO alfalfa… this could be devastating to our organic dairy farmers and many more….

Here is an excerpt from Food Democracy Now that explains this further…

Clearly you can see this is just about control.

 I wish I was a calm, non-passionate person sometimes cause frankly, this has me so ticked off I could blow a gasket.  Left or Right, love him or hate him can we not all agree that it’s SICK for the Obamas to go on and on about eating healthy and then to team up with Monsanto as if we are all too stupid to put two and two together??

Please take a moment and visit Food Democracy Now, on behalf of the small farmer and those of us across the country who want to have the RIGHT to healthy and GMO free!

All the more reason to learn to grow your own!
See you on the 2nd for Potager 101, Class One and the Giveaway Winner!!!!


  1. Theanne...

    This country should never have started genetically engineering anything…people, animals or plants! Someday we’re going to wake up and have nothing to eat because there are no genetically pure seeds to be found. It is beyond me to understand how generations of human beings can throw away the delicate balance of the earth for greed…where is the accountability, the responsibility…the only place the buck stops now is in somebodies pocket!

  2. Amy Kinser

    I so appreciate your passion on this! If we don’t speak out in some way on what we feel so strongly in then we really shouldn’t complain.

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting your class.

    Blessings, Amy

  3. Adrienne

    I have covered this subject extensively on my political blog. I’m sure you’ve run across the Monsanto patenting seeds thingy. And check out Agenda 21 while you’re doing your research.

    My uncle was a very well known PhD geneticist, plant hybridizer, entomologist, and rosarian (Queen Elizabeth rose, for one) and he is for sure rolling over in his grave. I have done my own extensive study of plants and hybridizing and what they are doing is very, very dangerous.

    My advice? Buy a bunch of heirloom seeds and vacuum seal them.

    And speaking of healthy eating – how about the Won and his wife shoving every type of unhealthy cr*p into their own faces while calling us fat and advising us to eat more veggies?

    Ok – rant over…

  4. Priscilla

    OH, you wonderful women. When I read these post, it gives me hope that we can save our country and our children. Please don’t be discouraged, don’t give up. These people are doing such evil things. They must be called out and exposed.
    I’m old now, my children are grown. I have no resources to help, but I offer my prayers for you Angela, and for your readers.

  5. Amy @ Homestead Revival

    Oh, you beat me to this… I was writing a post on this topic as we speak!! I’m so… so… so MAD, ANGRY, IN DISBELIEF at the incredible stupidity of this GMO thing and the alfalfa. I’m sorry. That’s like cussing around here – no one uses that word at our house – at least not around the kids (I hope this is an adult only blog!). I’ll save the rest of my rant for my post, but just letting you know I’m right there with ‘ya sista!

  6. Kalee

    We disagree politically so much of the time, but I continue to read your political posts because I think it’s important to be open minded. And for once I agreed with this. I truly feel that Monsanto is an evil company, doing horrible things both to our planet and farmers. And so Obama approving it really bothers me. A lot. Can we organize petitions and protests to stop this?

  7. Mrs. B.

    Ugh. I am SO with you! The thing that gets me the most is the discrepancies that are so obvious and it seems they think we’re all too stupid to realize. What a mess.
    What a disgusting, demoralizing, sad mess.

    Looking forward to Potager.

    Hoping you guys fare the blizzard well. We’re hunkered down waiting for the you-know-what to hit the fan…

  8. Ashley DeLen


    Well I guess it is time to actually start growing my own garden…

    I will have to do some research on what you have said today. I live in Kansas and I’m sure to actually hear the farmers talk about this one.


  9. Boho Farm and Home

    Amen Angela! This is nutso! This is why I harvest my own heirlooms seeds each year because it it getting harder and harder to find seeds that aren’t gmo’d or animal feed too btw. Yuck! Great post!

  10. MilkMaid09

    I stumbled upon your blog by happy-accident and I’m glad I did. I love your French-Farmgirl theme! I can totally identify with it as my family is of French origin tho I live now on my Husband’s German-family farm. I look forward to following your adventures. . .

  11. Queen of Dreamsz

    Hi Angela,

    I used to have a herd of dairy goats that I milked twice a day and made artisan cheeses with the milk…French Chevre was always the favorite soft cheese by the way. :0) I guess Cheese making is my only exposure to anything French other than all the bloggers I’ve met.

    Anyhow, I fed Alfalfa hay to my girls during their milk production months. I’d never buy from anyone that wasn’t a small time farmer…that way I knew I was getting healthy hay.

    You know full well by now that the obamas are NOT about what they say…they only mean that US {the substandard people} will be forced to eat everything that has been exposed to this GMO…THEY are far to superior to eat it themselves….you know?? I’m just saying…LOL OMG..

    Kind of like it’s ok to cram a socialist agenda for health care down our throats but they will continue to benefit from the best Blue Cross/Blue Shield policy in the country!!….I won’t get started on how I really feel.

    Homesteading and buying from individuals that grow healthy food and livestock is the only chance we have.

    I’ll be back tomorrow for the class.

    Have a wonderful day,
    Stephanie ♥

  12. WhiteWhispers2u

    I hear you Sister! They just need to STOP NOW! Shame…shame…shame on them! Bravo to you to Speak up~Cheers Kim

  13. Beth - In My World...

    Thank you for your passion and educating those of us unaware. I can’t wait for the Potager to begin…in the midst of a snowstorm in Upstate New York I want nothing more than to be in my gardens with my hands in the dirt!

  14. Cat'sJewelryBoutique

    This is crazy!It is also kind of a weird thought that there will be no pure seeds soon. It’s hard enough for organic farmers and eaters BEFORE this happened. This is great that you addressed this, i really think someone should! ( It is about time someone said something.)Great job!

  15. GardenGirl

    Now on this…I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t get it, it’s heartbreaking.


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