Waiting to Exhale

Sep 3, 2012 | From France to the Farm | 25 comments

Last week we found a farm.

It’s wonderful.
It’s also pretty gross.  Like, 35 year old carpeting gross.

I hate carpet.

It’s in a very nice and beautiful area so, we got creative and wrote up a (rather lovely) proposal for the landlord… offering to bring the house into the 21st century in a myriad of ways and sign a nice long lease… in exchange for a discount on the rent (his price seems a bit high based on the funky-ness of the house).

We sent everything off last Thursday… I don’t think I have taken a breath since then.
We just love this house.

I know there are a handful of you that have written me to say that you pray for my family and I every day…
Keep it up!  And thank you so much!!!!!!!!

Bonne Semaine!


  1. Anne

    God has a plan it will work out! Great bones! I know you will make this place shine!

  2. Theanne

    what a fantastic place…temporary I gather as opposed to a life long commitment! I will always agree with someone who doesn’t like carpet…carpet such as wall to wall stuff is absurd and always inappropriate and down right UGLY! can’t wait to see what you do to this place <3

  3. Stephanie

    I will definitely keep your family in my prayers. Are you getting to keep your chandeliers from your current house?

  4. amy

    wow! our dream as well.

    God’s will be done.


  5. Lady Courtney

    This is great!! I’m sending prayers, and soon it will be yours, and make it great!!! Can’t wait to watch the transformation!!! 🙂 donna

  6. Shaye @ The Elliott Homestead

    What a WONDERFUL place! I will be praying for you and your dear family, that the Lord would place you exactly where he’d have you 🙂

  7. janzi

    when I really want to buy a house, I get it a little present, so that, even if someone else has made an offer, I usually get the house… have been asked if I was a witch before now, but no, I just follow what a dear person told me many years ago… buy a gift for it, something really small, and then let it all fall into place… we are all rooting for you to get the house, so do tell when you hear back, and dont take the first no as an answer, keep on going til you do get it!!! J

  8. Homemaker Ang

    woot woot!!!! how many acres lady?????

  9. Homemaker Ang

    woot woot!!!! how many acres lady?????

  10. Homemaker Ang

    i sent to quick. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU all!!!

    When is the moving day?

  11. Homemaker Ang

    i sent to quick. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU all!!!

    When is the moving day?

  12. Priscilla

    You know I’m one to the “handful”!
    I couldn’t be more pleased with your news. I can’t wait for you to get chickens!

  13. Carolyne

    God be with you…..and His will for your family.
    It is Beautiful ~Of Course…..and will be So Much More (once you are in). Those doors alone bring your imagination to life.

  14. Ruby Jean

    What an adorable place and the potential is ENDLESS!!!! May the Lord open the doors according to His Perfect will!!!

  15. Noël

    That house looks amazing!!! Definitely praying for you and I hope that we get to see all the changes you are wanting to make to the house! 🙂

  16. Mandy

    oh wow!!!! all i can see is some AMAZING potential! gorgeous!

  17. Buttonchief7

    What a great challenge to your creativity. Praying for your best interests. And hope it all happens before the hidden real estate tax in Obamacare. God bless, Peggy

  18. janet

    The house looks amazing as do all of the buildings on the property..
    God had a plan and I am sending prayers and good thoughts your way..
    I can’t wait to see how you transform it into your new home..

  19. Curtains in My Tree

    I love the old farm house and that barn love it
    you can make it look like a bloggers dream
    hope you get it

  20. melyssa

    And you’d be renting?! How did I not know you could find your dream house, renting?! We lost our home to foreclosure and bankruptcy this past year, so we won’t be buying a house for a long, long time…It never occurred to me we could find something so lovely and not have to buy it!

    (Great. Now I’m thinking about it. I hate moving).


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