We are chomping at the bit for Spring.

The other day we ran out to Tractor Supply and stumbled upon the John Deere clearance aisle.  How could I resist matching t-shirts for my girls???

Momma got one too.  Turquoise with John Deere in glitter!!!

I can’t wait to get outside with these sweet babies.  Amélie is itching to plant her potatoes and she and Juliette finally cracked open the dried pea pods for this years pea seeds.  Now, if the snow would just melt.  

Wait – FIRST it has to stop snowing!!!

I am a little nervous.  Wondering if we will be able to til the ground before JUNE!  Joel built me a greenhouse right of my kitchen (I can’t wait to show you) and I have been playing.  Getting my hands dirty.  On sunny days it’s 90 degrees in there.  I have 1,500 onions just sitting here.  Trays of started seeds ready to germinate.

But for now – we wait.

I think I may go buy some ducklings today.  Maybe that will spur Spring on.

Gettin’ old people.  Gettin’ old. 

OH – BTW – I am off Facebook for Lent in case you missed my Mardi Gras sign off.  Have some more blogs in the works so check back in in a day or two 🙂