style="text-align: center;">The amount of talent oozing around my family is sick.
My cousin is a crazy photographer, hysterical (you should see her spin on Lady GaGa) and she paints these gorgesous paintings of Africa and her people.
My other cousin sings like a fifty year old black gospel singer (she is a twenty four year old white girl).
My brother rhymes the likes to put Eminem to shame and he can slice and dice the most articulate atheist.  The man NEEDS his own radio show.  It would go number one!
My Aunt is a wonderful writer and a great photogapher.
My 85 year old Grampa sings the National Anthem down in Flordia at the spring training games…
And my other cousin can sing Italian opera… like wow… he’s 19.
My Mom… well,  you KNOW what she can do.
Have I ever mentioned I sing not half bad too?
Whenever anyone gets any recognition for their talent we all hoot and holla’!!
So here’s me – hootin’ and hollering for my cousin Ben.  He runs a video biz in Grand Rapids Michigan… I know he does more than this but his wedding videos are the best in the industry.  He recently entered a UPS contest and won!!!  This is his commercial.  He’s the one with the hat~