Bonjour Mesdames!
I’ve been debating sometime on creating a “button”.
‘Got this idea for a new header but won’t be able to create it until next year… you’ll have to wait and see why. I have really wanted to wait to make the button match the new, upcoming header but can’t take it any longer so I made one to match this header!
Aren’t you glad I explained all that!
So here you go… You sweet Parisienne Farmgirl junkies, you!
If you have a blog grab my “button” to be entered to win a copy of Vintage and Victorian magazine featuring
The Parisienne Farmhouse! 

 Ma Chambre!

You can also become a follower! Leave a comment and let me know!
Contest closes Tuesday at Midnight Central Time 
(I’ll be up nursing the wee one I’m sure!). I hope you all get a chance to read about us in Vintage and Victorian magazine.

…One for the Parisiennes…
And one for the Farmgirls…
How to add the button?
Simply drag the button/photo of your choice to your desktop* then add it to your sidebar by adding the gadget “add photo”, when it asks you for a link, type in the website name.
*I am Mac user, please let me know if dragging photos to your desktop is something PC users can’t do.

Best Wishes!