I quit using my cell phone about a year ago.
After Juliette was born I noticed I was getting horrible headaches.  
and could not figure it out.
I actually wondered if I was drinking too much wine!
(Is there such a thing?  Oh, don’t get your feathers ruffled, I am kidding of course!)
But really.
I knew I was pretty happy to be able to have some and I would have a glass or two in the evenings with my dinner… you know, “Drinking and Blogging” 
Now that could get funny…
“Don’t Drink and Blog”
“Bloggers Against Drunk Blogging”
Oh good grief.
I digress.
Big time.
 Now-a-days I only use my cell phone when I leave the house.  I am pretty convinced of the whole cancer/cell phone connection. My headaches quit the day after I stopped using my cell!!!   
One day about 5 weeks ago I was on my way to my Moms and stuck in HORRIBLE traffic.  Just SITTING there loosing my impatient mind I thought I would check my cell phone voice mail.
I had 17 messages and TWO were from WEEKS ago… “Janet from Vintage and Victorian Magazine.”
“Oh great.  I blew it!!!”  I thought.  Here I had the chance to be in another publication and me and my stupid cell phone paranoia have blown it.  I frantically called her, trying to sound calm… to my surprise even without hearing from me they decided to begin to put the article together!!!  The entire magazine was being re-vamped, including the name and… surprise!  My bedroom was going to be on the inaugural cover!
I hung up the phone and just shook my head.
Three covers in one year!
Nothing really comes from this exposure, at least not yet – (Though, hey, HGTV, I’d take my own show!  Hhaahahaha!)  but I can’t say how simply fun it is to see the last fifteen years of thrift shopping, antiquing and garage sale-ing featured in these books and mags.  Really, it’s a riot and if one page of my house inspires anyone the way photos of other people’s homes have inspired me well then… voila.

So, here is it.  “L’Appartement” as we call it (due to it’s size) featured on the September cover of the “new” magazine Vintage & Victorian.
Want a copy?  
I’ll have them available asap!
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