I quit using my cell phone about a year ago.
After Juliette was born I noticed I was getting horrible headaches.  
and could not figure it out.
I actually wondered if I was drinking too much wine!
(Is there such a thing?  Oh, don’t get your feathers ruffled, I am kidding of course!)
But really.
I knew I was pretty happy to be able to have some and I would have a glass or two in the evenings with my dinner… you know, “Drinking and Blogging” 
Now that could get funny…
“Don’t Drink and Blog”
“Bloggers Against Drunk Blogging”
Oh good grief.
I digress.
Big time.
 Now-a-days I only use my cell phone when I leave the house.  I am pretty convinced of the whole cancer/cell phone connection. My headaches quit the day after I stopped using my cell!!!   
One day about 5 weeks ago I was on my way to my Moms and stuck in HORRIBLE traffic.  Just SITTING there loosing my impatient mind I thought I would check my cell phone voice mail.
I had 17 messages and TWO were from WEEKS ago… “Janet from Vintage and Victorian Magazine.”
“Oh great.  I blew it!!!”  I thought.  Here I had the chance to be in another publication and me and my stupid cell phone paranoia have blown it.  I frantically called her, trying to sound calm… to my surprise even without hearing from me they decided to begin to put the article together!!!  The entire magazine was being re-vamped, including the name and… surprise!  My bedroom was going to be on the inaugural cover!
I hung up the phone and just shook my head.
Three covers in one year!
Nothing really comes from this exposure, at least not yet – (Though, hey, HGTV, I’d take my own show!  Hhaahahaha!)  but I can’t say how simply fun it is to see the last fifteen years of thrift shopping, antiquing and garage sale-ing featured in these books and mags.  Really, it’s a riot and if one page of my house inspires anyone the way photos of other people’s homes have inspired me well then… voila.

So, here is it.  “L’Appartement” as we call it (due to it’s size) featured on the September cover of the “new” magazine Vintage & Victorian.
Want a copy?  
I’ll have them available asap!
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  1. Stephanie

    I firmly believe you would be really successful with Parisienne Farmgirl as a brand. Just the name is intriguing! I’m so happy for your success and love seeing your home in publications.

  2. SarahN

    That is AMAZING! Congratulations on another cover. I need a copy :o) Signed :o)

  3. Flat Creek Farm

    Congratulations! I bragged to my hubby when I saw you on the cover of “Where Women Cook”… so proud of you and your successes. Good things WILL continue to come your way – I just know it 😉 -Tammy

  4. Sherri

    Congratulations!! That is awesome!

  5. Splenderosa

    Firstly, I do not know how you could manage without a cell & 4 children. But, what fabulous news! You see, word is getting out…so this time next year, hey, you could have your own show on OWN, I hear they need talent. Love…..

  6. Deanna

    I laughed out loud on don’t drink and blog….drunk blogger…do you suppose there is probation for that? grins.

    Tonight I was at Walmarts and saw this magazine. Picked it up. Thumbed through it and away I went. Have to go back and get one. Congrats 2 u!

    God bless,
    d from homehaven nestled in the kansas flinthills

  7. Ann at eightacresofeden

    Wow Ang! Yet another magazine that I doubt will reach the stands down under. I keep looking out for Where Women Cook but so far no such luck. You realize your lovely rooms and images are probably going to be pinned like crazy on pinterest which is taking off like wildfire. Will this lead to a decline in blogging and paper publications? I hope not.
    I love your new family photo but I only have a little monitor so I only see 3/4 of your pic and you are completely cut off which is a shame.
    Keep on kissing that beautiful baby boy!

  8. A Cozy Cottage in the City

    Hi Angela! I just want to say that I have been a follower of your blog for a few months, but this is my first time peeking my head to say “hi!” I came across your blog by “blog hopping” and it caught my eye totally…everything about it (more later on the details of why I “heart” your blog so much). Anyway, I saw you on the cover of a mag for the 1st time @Barnes & Noble…and today when I was at Pavilions looking through mags as I was checking out – I saw a “new” mag that I hadn’t heard before, called “Vintage & Victorian Magazine” and told myself that I’d have to come back & take a look at that or read it at a bookstore b/c the cover was gorgeous….little did I know that it was your room!!! OMG! I know this comment is getting long, but I thought I’d had to let you know that. 😉 Thanks for having such a refreshing blog (in every sense of the word)!!!



  9. à la parisienne

    This cover is GORGEOUS! I’m going to have to buy that magazine. It sounds like something I would enjoy reading. And just think you have a gorgeous room that YOU designed on a reasonable budget.
    Are the pictures your photos?

    About cell phones, in college I had one of those cheap Nokia phones and since my parents and I were 5 hours apart, I spent about 2 hours a week on the phone with them. I always had a bad feeling about using that phone when it heated up like a microwave next to my head (got to hot to hold) and gave me a headache after every use. I always swear that that phone will be the cause of a brain tumor somewhere in my future…but I hope not.


  10. Valerie

    Yay, yay, yay!!! So very happy and excited for you.

    And I would totally watch PFGTV!!! Ha…I love it!

    I too can’t find “Where Women Cook”. 🙁

    Hope all is well with you and baby(ies). 🙂


  11. Claudia Moser

    As Sarah said – amazing and pls I would like a copy signed :)))

  12. Kims DOVE Chocolate Parties

    Congrats! Love the cover and the magazine. Cannot wait for the next one 🙂 Can you subscribe to the magazine? I could not find too much on line about it, just stumbled upon the magazine at the store and then found you in my quest! Can we get past magazines? Beautiful family. Thank you!!! God Bless. Kim

  13. Kims DOVE Chocolate Parties

    I love this magazine! When will the next magazine be available? Is it possible to get past issues?

  14. Anonymous

    i really want to subscribe to this magazine how do i do that? i would also love ideas on 16th century decor ideas as well

  15. Sandra Ford

    Hi Angela l previously commented that l only found out about you last week.l read about you having your bedroom featured in Vintage and Victorian ,l loved that magazine was sorry it didnt carry on.l keep my magazines for years I kept thinking of your bedroom then realised l still have the magazine and your bedroom looked so familiar ,l just fished it out l enjoyed seeing your lovely home featured in it . I believe that was your old house l look forwardto motmre pictures from your new house ,thanks


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