Vignettes & a Parisienne Farmhouse Dinner?

Jun 18, 2010 | Parisienne Farmhouse Design | 10 comments

Lot’s going on around the Parisienne Farmhouse as we officially kick off summer.
  I head out this weekend to shoot a beach side wedding in Michigan… Special guests will be here next Friday so I am sprucing up a bit and trying to stay steady in mind and heart!!!!  Having fun with new vignettes on table tops, bookcases and more.  
I am working on a fun D.I.Y. post for your kitchen… you know, the kind that you can do almost entirely without hubby’s help!  Hope to have it to you next week.
So stay tuned.
I found this fun piece at the Flea Market and bought it for myself for Mother’s Day.  HA!  It was an UNBELIEVABLE price.  It’s all made from salvaged pieces… barn wood, old windows and an old door!  If you are interested in a piece like this and live in Chicago land let me know… I hope to rep these pieces on Parisienne Farmhouse.
Haven’t we always loved cloche?  They are super trendy right now and I am having fun putting little object d’art under them.

To all you lovely ladies who emailed me so I could have you in my email address book I thank you so much.  If you have not, and would like the latest scoop on what I have up my sleeve shoot me an email at
As far as goodies up my sleeve… what do you think about an 
Organic Parisienne Farmhouse Dinner
we’re talking, 6 or 7 courses, wine, champagne… here at the Parisienne Farmhouse?  Produce from my Potager & local farms… stroll the garden, sip your champagne on the flagstone patio, hit the local antique malls and resale shoppes while you are in town?  Take home a bag of macarons, a CD with my favorite French tunes… One guest would receive one of my Marie Antoinette stretched canvas art…
Any nibblers? I was thinking about July but I know that is such a busy month so now I am thinking about August   $75 per person.
I can accept only 10 guests. 
Sounds fun to me!
DIY kitchen post coming…
Bon Weekend Mes Amis!!!!


  1. Joannah

    Oh, I wish I lived near you. That sounds like delicious fun. I hope it’s a huge success for you.


  2. SK

    Girl, you’ve got to watch this video about Obama giving part of Arizona to Mexico!

    UNBELIEVABLE. 🙁 Our country is occupied and Obama is doing nothing about it.

  3. 1 Funky Woman

    Oh I love that buffet filled with all your goodies and of course your Eiffel Towers under the cloche. I have done that too! I so wish I lived closer it sounds wonderful!

  4. Alison

    What lucky dinner guests you will have.
    Isn’t it fun creating new vignettes. Funny how we do all these things when we have people coming over. Love the cloche

  5. Stephanie

    You are so creative. What a fantastic idea. I’m sure your gardens are looking stunning this summer.

  6. Beadboard UpCountry

    That sounds delightful! You should get a petanque set and play boules too! I can’t wait to see what the menu would be i’d be there in a heartbeat if i was up there……..Thanks for stopping by my blog…I am enjoying your Maryanne 🙂

  7. Farmgirl Cyn

    Ang…I hope you are thinking of marketing that dinner idea. Something more solid than blogland. Get the word out! Folks would love something like that!!! Wouldn’t YOU?
    And how about some garden pics?

  8. Olde Tyme Marketplace

    I would be so lucky to be able to attend that dinner! I wish NC and Chicago were just a hop and a skip. I am positive you will have way more than 10 wanting to experience something so wonderful!
    Best of luck!

  9. Little Leslie

    I love the cloche and it’s contents. Also the person in the tattered blue jeans . Great feeling!


    This sounds like it was a wonderful thing! Oh, how I would have loved to have come. Reading the post, I know this was a fabulous event that you hosted. I am wondering, too, on the favorite CD with favorite french songs. Can you give us the name of this CD? I would love to buy it for myself to listen to. I love French music. Thanks! Congrats on your upcoming magazine! Kim @ Bluebirds and Butterflies


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