Disclaimer:  There are a LOT of gorgeous blogs out there.  Strictly gardens, strictly painted furniture and dried lavender.  But this is not that blog.  Here in the Farmhouse, this Parisienne is romantic and feisty and, horror of horrors; quite the conservative.  I always give this disclaimer when I have had the blessing of so many new followers but every time I mention politics I loose a couple.
  Que sera sera… Non?

I couldn’t let it go.
We don’t even have cable but I was not always a “no T.V.” convert.  Yes, I used to fold laundry during the “great” Harpo and watch “Hot Topics” on The View.  And I am mortified to say I used to practically bow at the altar of Doctor Hayward, Greenlee and The Great Erica Kane!
Then I noticed I was living in  a constant state of agitation, that my eyes seemed to be permanently lodged in a disgusted rolled-back state and it dawned on me that it was probably Harpo’s constant advising me how to do things she doesn’t have the “ah-hem’s” to do (like be married and parent) and Joyless Bayhar’s stupid comments.
I’d wash that girls mouth out with soap.
Obviously this is one more thing our President and I don’t have in common.
Did it really happen?  Did the leader, (and I use the term LOOSELY), did the leader of the free world go on that blabbermouth, fat trap, yapper of a show?  Honestly, I can’t even stomach it.  I am so embarrassed.  I know that Michelle is now, finally proud to be an American… well these days Michelle,
I’m NOT.
What a joke.  And it’s not even about skipping the dang Boy Scouts.  It’s about accusing cable T.V. of chatter when that chatter is pointing out your many flaws and then using that chatter to continue that campaign you don’t seem to understand is OVER.
Yes, that’s right.  THE CAMPAIGN IS OVER.  Look, you made the cover of Rolling Stone, Harpo is your best friend… we get it.
You like attention.
But how about leading?