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Jul 30, 2010 | Pop Culture/Politics | 55 comments

Disclaimer:  There are a LOT of gorgeous blogs out there.  Strictly gardens, strictly painted furniture and dried lavender.  But this is not that blog.  Here in the Farmhouse, this Parisienne is romantic and feisty and, horror of horrors; quite the conservative.  I always give this disclaimer when I have had the blessing of so many new followers but every time I mention politics I loose a couple.
  Que sera sera… Non?

I couldn’t let it go.
We don’t even have cable but I was not always a “no T.V.” convert.  Yes, I used to fold laundry during the “great” Harpo and watch “Hot Topics” on The View.  And I am mortified to say I used to practically bow at the altar of Doctor Hayward, Greenlee and The Great Erica Kane!
Then I noticed I was living in  a constant state of agitation, that my eyes seemed to be permanently lodged in a disgusted rolled-back state and it dawned on me that it was probably Harpo’s constant advising me how to do things she doesn’t have the “ah-hem’s” to do (like be married and parent) and Joyless Bayhar’s stupid comments.
I’d wash that girls mouth out with soap.
Obviously this is one more thing our President and I don’t have in common.
Did it really happen?  Did the leader, (and I use the term LOOSELY), did the leader of the free world go on that blabbermouth, fat trap, yapper of a show?  Honestly, I can’t even stomach it.  I am so embarrassed.  I know that Michelle is now, finally proud to be an American… well these days Michelle,
I’m NOT.
What a joke.  And it’s not even about skipping the dang Boy Scouts.  It’s about accusing cable T.V. of chatter when that chatter is pointing out your many flaws and then using that chatter to continue that campaign you don’t seem to understand is OVER.
Yes, that’s right.  THE CAMPAIGN IS OVER.  Look, you made the cover of Rolling Stone, Harpo is your best friend… we get it.
You like attention.
But how about leading?


  1. Cathy

    Can’t believe it either. Really.can’t.believe.it!

  2. Rosemary

    You are awesome!!
    Great post!!!

  3. Ex-Pat At Heart

    I don’t watch any of those shows — but I never cease to be amazed by the antics of our “leader.”

  4. Joannah

    This is what a celebrity obsessed culture has brought us to.

  5. Stephanie

    Of all things un-presidential, this was it.

  6. fairmaiden

    You won’t lose this blogging friend/follower. I didn’t watch it… he does what he wants. His arrogance causes me to look at myself and seek the LORD for humility.

  7. sissie

    After this post, I will follow you to the ends of the earth. You get a big ole AMEN from me!


  8. cityfarmer

    I noticed the follower count remains high!!

  9. Anne - Fiona and Twig

    I couldn’t agree more, and I couldn’t admire and respect you more, Angela.

    I can’t stomach The View, and the sooner Joy Behar disappears from the public media, the better.

    And don’t even get me started on the cult of Oprah!

  10. Pamela

    I’m a Canadian and i could not agree with you more. Same goes for my altra Conservative husband. He said the only reason your president got in was because he is good at giving speechless blah blah and that is it. He also believes you will not see him serve another term.
    Thank God for America on that.
    I really hate all those talk shows they just end up stressing me out. I will stick o blogging.
    Pamela 🙂

  11. Privet and Holly

    Hooray for you!!!!
    Can’t even look at
    the View ~ gross ~
    but will admit to
    catching bits of
    AMC from time to time ~
    since high school!
    You are right ~ stop
    the campaign and on
    with the real show ~
    leading our nation!
    xx Suzanne

  12. Deb

    Well, you haven’t lost me as a follower. Shoot, I was looking on your sidebar for a lifetime membership link after I read this post!

    Slightly Conservative in Delaware,

    (No, I didn’t vote for The First Son of Delaware currrently holding the second highest office in the land). Nice man, be he ain’t fer what I’m fer and he ain’t agin’ what I’m agin’!

  13. Farmgirl Cyn

    I’d wash HER mouth out with soap, as well as many, if not most of the “celebrity” crappity crap mouths out there.
    Well said.

  14. Deb

    Oh…and more more thing! I was embarrassed for the office of the presidency when I heard he was going on that show. Embarrassed for somemone else; that awkward, uncomfortable feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when YOU are not the center of attention, but you shrink for the poor soul who IS and doesn’t know he should be embarrassed by it.

    I’m done now. Thanks for the platform!

  15. Julie

    It’s offensive & embarrassing because we expect our elected leaders to behave with a certain amount of dignity. Appearing on a frivolous morning talk show is CLEARLY undignified behavior for a president.

    And don’t get me started on how nauseating it is to see the adulation that Hollywood and most of the media have for him.

    Great post. You haven’t lost a follower here.

  16. Marsha's Mpressions

    Personally, I’d rather see him on the View then sitting in the White House pretending to lead. We, American citizens get in much less trouble this way.

  17. Mel

    Thats what Im talkin bout.

    You go girl. I was STUNNED. How small and stupid.

    Its the only show Michelle watches… that explains her attraction to you… limited horizons…..


  18. Stickhorsecowgirls

    I’m with you sister! I cannot stomach the always abrasive Joy Behar–Where is her joy? Honestly, she is so angry and hateful, I feel sorry for her. I don’t hate her or Oprah, but I do hate that they advocate the “world”.

  19. Musings From A French Cottage

    A great big AMEN SISTER from me!!Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for not being afraid to speak your mind regarding these fools! I am appalled by this administration.

    Well said!


  20. Cathy~Mille Fleur

    Ditto ditto ditto!

    I adore what fairmaiden said!

    This is a wonderful post and I applaud your honesty!


  21. Mrs. G

    I totally agree!

  22. Belva

    You won’t lose this fellow conservative. It’s hard to believe the Leader of the Free World (I should put quote marks around Leader) passed up addressing the Boy Scout Jamboree for going on The View. It’s harder to believe that there are many, many people who thought it was a wonderful thing for him to do so. Sigh.

  23. La Dolfina

    Hooray for you… for speaking your mind and stating the obvious.
    You are certainly your mother’s daughter… and that is a good thing:)
    I agree with you 100% and admire your ability to see and state that the “Emperor is naked”!
    I just recently discovered that you were Joy’s daughter. I’m so happy to meet you and look forward to following you, all the way!
    Have the best weekend!

  24. Mrs. B.

    I didn’t even know this. (Sort of glad to be so hopelessly out of the loop on this one though.)

    Giiiirl, take your lavendar lemon soap and WASH OUT THOSE MOUTHS. 🙂

  25. Priscilla

    Again, you have won my support. You are completely right. I’m gratified to see so many right thinking women supporting you. You are not going to lose me. In fact I’m recommending your blog to several of my friends.

  26. Acquired Objects

    I don’t really watch TV so when someone told me that our “fearless leader” went on the Veiw I was stupefied! You won’t be losing me as a follower because I couldn’t agree with you more. I love what Marsha’s Mpressions said….YES!

  27. Castles Crowns and Cottages

    God morning gorgeous and smart woman, you!!!! Your visit today is sweet to my heart, and GO OUT AND GET SOME IDEAS for your own magical linen closet, à la françcaise!!! Could you imagine what you could put in there??? ENJOY THE WEEKEND, and hugs to your mom, s’il te plaît? Anita

  28. Jill

    Oh, I knew I liked you before, but now, we could be bff’s forever! Thanks for being braver than I could be….

    All I can hope and pray for is 2012! and that we survive until then…

  29. Lorilee

    I SO agree! That man is ruining our wonderful country! He is NO Patriot!

  30. Lorilee

    I SO agree! That man is ruining our wonderful country! He is NO Patriot!

  31. Ticking and Toile


    I rarely talk politics whilst blogging but you are so right…this guy is an absolute joke & we need a real man (or woman) in office who loves America and what our great great great country stands for.

    Thank you!!


  32. Shelly Gregory

    I am in agreement. We live in a culture in which the roles of Hollywood and Washington DC are completely blurred. Both exude arrogance and ignorance.

  33. SK

    Yes, yes, & yes!!!

    And, Belva, great point!! Exactly.

  34. Glenda

    Your follower count didn’t go down, it just went one count up. Thank you, for your voice. I did not watch, though I knew. I was just waiting to hear if he danced, or played an instrument, I can’t even get started!

  35. Sheila @ Dodging Raindrops

    I’m with you!!

    I think I’ll start following your blog. 🙂 I found you from another blog.

  36. Denise

    Well said!!! I’ve been busy and had missed out on this one! (Thanks goodness)


    This man should have been a movie star as it is very apparent he enjoys being constantly & always on camera. Like every single day!
    I am coining this phrase, which I use often on HuffingtonPost.com:
    “He’s a speech maker, not a policy maker.”
    Well done, PF !!

    I cannot stand The View, except for Whoppi, never watch, but should have known he would turn up there as he’s been everywhere else, except the Gulf Coast of the USA, trying to create jobs, making sure our soldiers are secure, yada yada yada.

  38. Sandra

    Amen, Sister…AMEN! If I do any more eye rolls, I’m going to get a whip lash! Does this man stay up nights trying to figure out how to embarrass himself and our country? Or is it just a dark gift?
    I’ve never seen this particular t.v. program because I cannot abide any of the blabbermouth women.
    You won’t lose me as a follower, not over this anyway.

  39. Old Blush Atelier

    Okay girls, let’s take this herd of pink elephants on a stampede straight to the voting booth and on to the White House and show these “Libs” the door. Can I get an “Amen” on that? As for celebrities, there is no such thing to me anymore. I can hardly bear spending my money on a movie to make them more wealthy as well as obnoxious. Can you dig it?

  40. Priscilla

    How exciting to read SO many supporting ladies. Yes, Old Blush, lets show them the door this November. Remember, “I can see November from here.”
    Everyone should bet out and volunteer at your local candidate’s headquarters. No matter if it is your congressman or senator, do call and volunteer. We must all do our part to protect our country from those who would destroy it.

  41. Tamra

    Like you I don’t have time to watch these shows. I tape a couple of cooking shows to watch sometimes in the evening to relax, but otherwise I’m too busy taking care of my family to spend my time listening to their ever changing opinions!

    Between running my business, taking care of my home, trying to keep up with the constant changes in the lives of my girls as they become women, work on good communication in my family and help care for my elderly parents do I really have time to sit and listen to their ridiculous chatter? Nope.

    I’d rather be outside in the fresh air or in my kitchen cooking good food for my family to eat or working on my art.

  42. Tamra

    Hey, just realized this could go on your next list of “things to avoid for better health”. Stupid talk shows. LOL

  43. Joy

    When I heard that he had been on ‘The View’, I just shook my head, didn’t watch it, just watched a clip, and thought, Isn’t the President supposed to be ‘above’ ‘common’ things like appearing on a day time talk (using the term loosely) show? I mean, shouldnt he be more ‘Presidential’? More dignified? I am amazed at all the people’s eyes he has pulled the wool over. The media just drool and fawn all over him. He is so full of himself.

  44. paperbird

    Thank you Thank you Thank you- We need more people just like YOU who are not afraid to voice this truth.
    I love your blog.

  45. rita bee

    Whatever happened to respect for the President?
    I guess it was okay to yell at the top of your lungs during the last administration that “if you’re not with us, you’re a terrosist!!!?*&!!”
    Unbelievable how divided this nation is b/c of such discord and willingness to say the hateful things you think you’re oh, so entitled to say.
    “The monkey”, REALLY?
    You might want to see what else is out there re: the President. Or is it too much effort to actually go outside the Zone? And find out that maybe you’ve been misinformed or at the very least, misled.
    Good Lord.

  46. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Sorry, call me childish, but I could not let this go… after all, it is my blog. 🙂

    I was just asked, “Whatever happened to respect for the President?”

    To that I would say, the point of this post was simple and you missed it. The OFFICE of Presidency is not being respected and in turn, many have lost respect for the President.

    “I guess it was okay to yell at the top of your lungs during the last administration that “if you’re not with us, you’re a terrosist!!!?*&!!””

    Um, who yelled that? So you’re saying someone yelled, “If you’re not with us, you’re a terrorist” and then they inserted swearing as indicated by your
    Really? Cause I never heard that. And with the typical knee jerk reaction you have made here by quoting something that supposedly happened during the last administration you are assuming I liked the last administration. I did not.

    “Unbelievable how divided this nation is b/c of such discord and willingness to say the hateful things you think you’re oh, so entitled to say.”

    This, I’m sorry. This is precious. We are divided because of discord and hateful things people say? No, sorry. We are divided because of high taxes, we are divided because of unconstitutional legislation like health care reform, we are divided cause certain people, like our leader can not move on from blaming our past president and bring about REAL change – which was, lest we forget, his mantra. We are divided because this president was supposed to be “post racial” and it turns out he is obsessed with race, we are divided cause half the country understands a bit about economics, inflation and the destruction socialist policy makers will do to what our founding fathers intended and the other half is too busy or stupid to care. We are NOT divided because people like me exercise their free speech and write a little post about our president cozying up to Barbara Walters and American housewives because his poll numbers are bottoming out.

    ” “The monkey”, REALLY?”

    See what I mean? Race obsessed. Granted I just re-skimmed these comments but I swear I could not find the word “Monkey” anywhere. So, for the record, you said it, not myself or any of the other commenters.

    “You might want to see what else is out there re: the President. Or is it too much effort to actually go outside the Zone? And find out that maybe you’ve been misinformed or at the very least, misled.”

    This is almost laughable. I don’t even know what the Zone is but I suppose if I asked, I would be told it’s Fox New or something like that. I don’t even have cable. I am almost curious as to what my “misinformation” is since all I did was post about a cold hard fact – that he went on the View and that I saw it as very un-Presidential to do so.

    Good Lord indeed.

  47. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Sorry – blogger went crazy and I posted my own comment like three times.

  48. Priscilla

    Well, you have arrived. The left has found you and are setting out to invade your “zone”. You should be flattered to be acknowledged as a conservative blogger of consequence.
    You may not know, but they actually have an “army” of people who try to find and comment on blogs like yours to intimidate and frustrate them. What a joke this poor person is. I’ve read the same scree on several blogs. Congratulations, keep up the good work, Mme.fermière.
    bisous sur les deux joues

  49. à la parisienne

    I am glad to see that so many bloggers agree with your post here (Of course, there will always be some to disagree, but isn’t it wonderful to have your own opinion and to share it freely?)
    So, that said…I can’t stand Oprah, The View, or any of those shows and, honestly, is it just me or does Obama seem to be to informal, too willing to let his guard down for the opportunity to “rub shoulders” with the “in crowd.” He seems to be like that highschool student who will do anything for attention. I didn’t see the show you mentioned here, but you’ve peaked my interest.

  50. Amy Kinser

    Brand new follower and just want to say “Amen Sister”.

    I love your guts…I love your honesty…I love your tell it like it is way.

    I also love your blog and have been reading it for half an hour now.


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