I am down on the farm this week and awoke early this morning to an empty house only to discover with a voice mail that my darling cousin Greta had been taken to the hospital. She was found by her sister this morning in a seizure like state and would not awaken for school. She has severe food allergies but no one can figure a connection so far.

She is being airlifted to Indy probably as I type. It is two hours away by car. She is not responsive and is on a ventilator. Please pray for Greta’s miraculous recovery. Her family has experienced enormous stress this year in other areas…this just seems like too much for anyone let alone what they have been experiencing lately.
Please pray too for her siblings and parents. My uncle especially, he is a trucker and is on a run in Detroit trying to connect with a family friend who is a pilot that could fly him down to Indy. I imagine he is feeling very helpless.
Greta is a beautiful, very unique, gently teenager. Our family is so grieved and prayerful over this…

I have learned thru a parents divorce, a miscarriage, a son born with a heart condition, finacial stress I never thought I would bare and more that I must praise God thru every circumstance…it is so comforting. But it is a discipline when you really just want to fall in a heap…not that it’s not OK to fall in a heap…I know, if you are not a believer and reading this that that sounds absolutely bizarre…
Everyone has come back to the farm, for packed bags and snacks, they are on their way to Indy, Greta’s Dad was able to park his truck in Ohio and is on his way to Indy – Greta has been flown and landed…sweet Greta…the latest update is that her brain is swellling…I know no more but am alone on the farm with my kids waiting for updates. Praying for her with every breath. She is such a joy to this family.

The Bible says he inhabits the praises of His people…This song won’t stop pouring from my heart…don’t mind the “video”…but this song…oh, this song…it’s pretty comforting while feeling so helpless.