style="text-align: center;">Or at least we could be if the rain would stop.

We are all a little excited.
Next week someone is coming out to “inspect” our Potager for “Certified Naturally Grown” approval.
CNG is the grass-roots option to USDA Organic.

There is no reason for me to do this except for the fact that I think it’s “cool” and is one more way for us to practice for our farm someday.   I don’t use any chemicals but I have no idea if we will get approved.  We have yet to use any chicken manure… it’s our first year with a compost bin and hopefully it’s out there curing and doing it’s thing.  We brought in some boughten soil to fill the new raised bed… what if it had chemicals?  Oh my. 
I suppose it’s worth a try.  I think it would be so fun to officially use the “seal”…

We don’t sell at any Farmers Markets – at least not yet.   I think a Farmers Market would be a great learning experience for the children.  Truth be told it is all I can do to keep up with the Potager with this Belly.  Something as little as securing some stray pole beans finds itself a monumental task.

Next year I hope to be different.  I look forward to not completely suffering in the heat… I typically relish it but this year I get so lightheaded I had to lay down in the pea gravel the other day!   No, there is no way I could keep up with a Market stand this year…

But we are so blessed…

Someone has even contacted me in the last 24 hours about keeping “organic” bees on the property.

Chickens… Bees… Produce…
Oh my.

I find the whole thing just a delight and it may sound strange… but rather chic too.  

It’s hot and steamy.
How does your garden grow?

Want to come over for dinner?