An Update in Photos…

May 9, 2007 | On Motherhood | 0 comments

The last three weeks have been a blurrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

I have been blessed with two jobs that are a great addition to the portfolio but taking an almost-2-year-old two work is very stressful. He does such a good job but I have had my fair share of changing poop-a-loops on a drop cloth and hauling the pack and play, CARS, the CD player, the fan, trucks, books, crayons and the kitchen sink over and over agian. A 70 mile round trip commute can get pretty old too…I’ll leave that for Big Daddy. No wonder he doesn’t want to work out when he gets home!

Aidan is saying a new word a day, my tullips are out and proud (even though I bought pink and ORANGE ones came up instead (UGH!)…

The cardiologist reviewed PR’s heart monitor and doesnt want to see him for A YEAR OR TWO! PRAISE GOD!!!

But I thought the best way to get caught up would be some of photos! After all, I don’t have time to type a thousand words today…

My darling and one of his new friends last weekend at the farm.
That same darling and jumped in the dirt pile with his little spade ready to help his Great Grandpa!
Frey Girls (some of them at least) on Easter
The 70 mile, 2 year old to work, shoot me now, is it over yet job.
The reason I grow Ladies Mantle.
More of the shoot me now job – pretty cool hugh?
Take your son to work day(s).
And last but now least, the REAL reason I have not been blogging lately. Between sleeping and lately with my head in the loo, there hasn’t been much free time.


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