Upcycled nightgown tutorial

Upcycled Nightgown Tutorial

I have been wanting to try this forever…

So FINALLY I made my way to the Goodwill for two white shirts.  In the entire store they had TWO without really bad stains and they both happened to have a shadow stripe thing going on.  I was geeked.

Time to get out my machine.

Some white thread.

Some elastic.

Some pink ribbon from my gift wrap stash.

Let’s do this.


I pressed the nightgowns and laid out the girls’ Christmas dresses I had made on top and traced them to get the general idea.  And from there I had to wing it.  If you are following along to make your own… extend me some much needed grace.  It all just out of my brain on onto the screen.  I am all about flying by the seat of my pants…

Or in this case, the hem of my nightgown

So hold on.

Nightgown Tutorial










I made these nightgowns on the first full day I had away from my kids in years. Yes, I am some sort of a martyr.  But it was such pleasure to make them for my girls knowing how delighted they would be.  They aren’t perfect by any means, but they are romantic and sweet and I know the girls feel pretty wearing them.  Not to mention they cost all of four dollars.

And now let me show off my beauties… and I don’t mean the nightgowns…

Upcycled nightgown tutorial

Upcycled nightgown tutorial

Upcycled nightgown tutorial

Upcycled nightgown tutorial

Upcycled nightgown tutorial

Thanks for indulging me and I hope you enjoyed this Upcycled Nightgown Tutorial.

Happy Pinning.  (And sewing).

If you make one for your little girl, you are going to say, “Oh!  She’s Sew Chic!”

Parisienne Farmgirl