UpCycled Nightgown Tutorial… Sort of.

Feb 3, 2015 | She's Sew Chic | 15 comments

Upcycled nightgown tutorial

Upcycled Nightgown Tutorial

I have been wanting to try this forever…

So FINALLY I made my way to the Goodwill for two white shirts.  In the entire store they had TWO without really bad stains and they both happened to have a shadow stripe thing going on.  I was geeked.

Time to get out my machine.

Some white thread.

Some elastic.

Some pink ribbon from my gift wrap stash.

Let’s do this.


I pressed the nightgowns and laid out the girls’ Christmas dresses I had made on top and traced them to get the general idea.  And from there I had to wing it.  If you are following along to make your own… extend me some much needed grace.  It all just out of my brain on onto the screen.  I am all about flying by the seat of my pants…

Or in this case, the hem of my nightgown

So hold on.

Nightgown Tutorial










I made these nightgowns on the first full day I had away from my kids in years. Yes, I am some sort of a martyr.  But it was such pleasure to make them for my girls knowing how delighted they would be.  They aren’t perfect by any means, but they are romantic and sweet and I know the girls feel pretty wearing them.  Not to mention they cost all of four dollars.

And now let me show off my beauties… and I don’t mean the nightgowns…

Upcycled nightgown tutorial

Upcycled nightgown tutorial

Upcycled nightgown tutorial

Upcycled nightgown tutorial

Upcycled nightgown tutorial

Thanks for indulging me and I hope you enjoyed this Upcycled Nightgown Tutorial.

Happy Pinning.  (And sewing).

If you make one for your little girl, you are going to say, “Oh!  She’s Sew Chic!”

Parisienne Farmgirl


  1. Le Ann Osborne

    These are so clever and just precious!

  2. Pam Moore

    Love ’em! And, your kids are all so gorgeous.

  3. Sharon

    OMG!! The girls are darling! How about doing UTube video’s for the masses on this idea. I see summer dresses being made along with the night gowns.
    Your amazing, and full of creative love. Hugs to you Angela.

    • Parisienne Farmgirl

      I’ve got some YouTube videos in the works. Thanks to doTerra hubby is home more and we can focus more attention to our blog projects. Thanks so much for your encouragement!

  4. Kristi

    Wow, these are wonderful! And two absolutely beautiful models! I need to learn to use my machine……

    • Parisienne Farmgirl

      Kristi – Sewing is addicting but infuriating too. In some ways it’s intuitive and in others it’s like learning a new language. All the jargon…. eeek!

  5. Victoria

    Girl, where’s your “Pin It” button?! I will be posting and sharing on Facebook… putting in my “Sew What” board on Pinterest with a link to you. As always, the girls are breathtaking. I mean seriously, how much has Hoolie grown up in the last year? And Amelie, don’t even get me started. Model material.

    • Parisienne Farmgirl

      Victoria – hover your mouse over the photo – the pin it will appear in the top left corner. Hoolie’s big girl-ness is freaky and Amélie’s “knowing” look is just… well. I don’t know.

  6. Lynne

    How fun! Your little “upcycle-diy” could become very addicting for this grandma!

    Angela, watching your precious dollies grow is so sweet! They are beautiful!

    You are an amazing Mama!

    • Parisienne Farmgirl

      Lynne – it IS addicting. And so time saving with the factory stitching!!!! Thank you for your kind words!

  7. Carol Blanchet

    Couldn’t be cuter! {Both the nightgowns and your sweeties!}

  8. Angie

    So sweet!! Love this idea and I’m gonna have to remember it for granddaughters. My 3 girls are 24, 18, and 15. I don’t think I could find a shirt big enough for them 😉
    Thanks for sharing your ideas and your home with us!

  9. Doré @ BurlapLuxe

    Oh, oh, ooooo!
    This is a project for me. I have seen the button down shirts and sweater pillow casing yet a night grown is something that looks so fun to create. I only wish I had known when my daughter was a little one like yours. You have the prettiest little girls, magazine pretty.

    See you soon




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