style="text-align: center;">Been SO busy getting the farmhouse cleaned up so I can go play in the dirt, guilt-free!  But OH!  I have so many posts I want to finish wrapping up!

-My first (and fabulously successful) attempt at home-made pasta!
-Companion Planting 101 from My Potager to Yours!

-Maternity Fashions – from my sewing machine!  (And I use the term “Maternity Fashions” very loosely!!!!   HAHAHAHAH!!!)
-A Real Life Look at Homeschooling — I’ll share with you the glories and just plain sh—y aspects of homeschooling.  

-And a killer “lifer” new series that I am going to run for a year~!  “52 Weeks of Well Being”  

Now of course, this could take me the better part of a month – but I love you girls and you know, when you’ve got some creative writing to do you just can’t keep it in–
 In the meantime,
PLEASE follow me on Pinterest.  I pin a little just about every night around 9pm and love to see your pins (I’ll put up with your dog pins if you put up with my Chickens/Anti-Monsanto/Homebirthing pins).

And, I do update on Facebook everyday or so when I don’t have time to blog.  I hate Facebook (and someday they will probably prove it’s some sort of info gathering device of the AntiChrist —- dang I am funny tonight)   but sadly, it’s a great way for me to keep in “contact” with a lot of people.  I am under Angela Reed Parisienne Farmgirl.
A Bientôt!