Two posts in one day, not trying to confuse anyone, I just couldn’t help it!

C’est fini!!!!
I did it! Little Mama has a dress made by…well, if she is Little Mama then that must make me…
Let’s not go there.
Let’s go here.
I am learning to sew or rather, read a pattern and make more than curtains and pillowcases. And it is SEW enjoyable and frustrating at the same time!
I thought I was missing some presser feet so my projects that I started a good eight weeks ago have been on the backburner but my Mom and I compared “feet” this morning over IChat…et voila! I had what I needed, but I still can’t find my manual so I can’t figure out the buttonfoot thing…Dommage, Aidan’s sweet jammies are
99.999999999% done, they just need the decorative buttons!
But, Amélie has, as she says, une robe! Complete with my first ever zipper (after all, it is my first ever dress) AND I even “designed” and made headband for her! She wears it with such joy and pride, it’s so sweet, her little countenance.
Now, I have my sights set on a dress for her Christmas Eve, Madeline (whom she loves) themed birthday brunch that retails for $79 at Janie and Jack – I found the exact fabric and I don’t think it could be that difficult…could it?

The photo does not do this dress justice! When I saw it, I made and embaressing audible sound that sent the saleslady rushing over to me! It’s just silk and touling (sp) so, if I made it, then, could I justify splurging on the $44 shoes and $32 purse?
I know, I know, probably not…

Move over Dorothy, your ruby slippers don’t have anything on these ultra feminine, gold dusted little numbers!
LeeLee LOVES to carry a purse, this, if the stars aligned and I was able to ever buy it, would NOT go un-used. You should see her prance around church with a purse – 22 months old, it’s hilarious.
But here is la robe! Brown and turquoise polka dot corduroy!

I may add a little turquoise can can underneath, she is so girly, why not…now, my friend is teaching me to knit and with my knees that hurt all the time (Joel says I will be 50% titanium by the time I am 60!), the canning, the hatred of driving in the dark in the rain…well,
I think it’s official, I am becoming an old lady!
It’s take your family to work week around here so I will be back to blogland in a few days! Have a blessed week!