Une Robe pour Amélie!!!

Nov 3, 2009 | Uncategorized | 21 comments

Two posts in one day, not trying to confuse anyone, I just couldn’t help it!

C’est fini!!!!
I did it! Little Mama has a dress made by…well, if she is Little Mama then that must make me…
Let’s not go there.
Let’s go here.
I am learning to sew or rather, read a pattern and make more than curtains and pillowcases. And it is SEW enjoyable and frustrating at the same time!
I thought I was missing some presser feet so my projects that I started a good eight weeks ago have been on the backburner but my Mom and I compared “feet” this morning over IChat…et voila! I had what I needed, but I still can’t find my manual so I can’t figure out the buttonfoot thing…Dommage, Aidan’s sweet jammies are
99.999999999% done, they just need the decorative buttons!
But, Amélie has, as she says, une robe! Complete with my first ever zipper (after all, it is my first ever dress) AND I even “designed” and made headband for her! She wears it with such joy and pride, it’s so sweet, her little countenance.
Now, I have my sights set on a dress for her Christmas Eve, Madeline (whom she loves) themed birthday brunch that retails for $79 at Janie and Jack – I found the exact fabric and I don’t think it could be that difficult…could it?

The photo does not do this dress justice! When I saw it, I made and embaressing audible sound that sent the saleslady rushing over to me! It’s just silk and touling (sp) so, if I made it, then, could I justify splurging on the $44 shoes and $32 purse?
I know, I know, probably not…

Move over Dorothy, your ruby slippers don’t have anything on these ultra feminine, gold dusted little numbers!
LeeLee LOVES to carry a purse, this, if the stars aligned and I was able to ever buy it, would NOT go un-used. You should see her prance around church with a purse – 22 months old, it’s hilarious.
But here is la robe! Brown and turquoise polka dot corduroy!

I may add a little turquoise can can underneath, she is so girly, why not…now, my friend is teaching me to knit and with my knees that hurt all the time (Joel says I will be 50% titanium by the time I am 60!), the canning, the hatred of driving in the dark in the rain…well,
I think it’s official, I am becoming an old lady!
It’s take your family to work week around here so I will be back to blogland in a few days! Have a blessed week!


  1. Farmgirl Cyn

    LOVE it! You did such a good job! It is so rewarding to see your efforts so appreciated, isn’t it?

    I first did zippers about 4 years ago…not so bad. The buttonholes are what get to me. And my machine doesn’t have a buttonhole thingy…I have to do it all manually. I think you could do her birthday dress, maybe with a bit of help?
    I have taken up crocheting again myself…will be posting tomorrow, I think. I like to keep my hands busy, so needlework is perfect!

  2. Selina

    That is totally gorgous!!! Well done, she looks so happy wearing it, and just like a little princess.

  3. Shawna

    Fabulous job!!! She’s a looker that’s for sure, oh to one day have a little girl to put in bows and to make dresses for! What fun it must be!

    Job well done! Can’t wait to see the Christmas Eve dress complete 😉

  4. Alison Gibbs

    You did such a fabulous job on that sweet little dress. She looks oh so cute

  5. Bonjour Madame

    You did a great job on the dress and headband. She looks so proud of her dress in her modeling shots.

  6. Molly @ Star Cottage

    What a beautiful dress! I can’t believe it, I recently bought the same exact fabric to make a baby sling, and some skirts for the girls, if I have enough left over. Where did you get the pattern, I love the simplicity of the dress you made. Would love to make a couple for my girls. I have fabric up to my eyeballs over here.

  7. Meg

    She looks absolutely adorable! I love her little curls. Way to go on the dress. It looks fantastic. I can’t wait to see what you make next!


  8. Anonymous

    It’s darling and liitle Am is SO precious!!
    If you need hel with button holer, call me. I’ll pop right by (15 min.) and get you on your way.Ask mom—-I think I was able to help her out…
    annie grosvenor

  9. Anne Marie

    are you sure you don’t have some relation to me?


    and…….living on a farm?

    you heart is TRULY at a farm, even if you live in the city…..

    GREAT JOB ON THE DRESS!!! she’s just too cute…….

  10. cityfarmer

    I’m melting … or should I say she’s melting me …
    way to go Ang!!!!!

    I’ve got two machines running now … the beauty and the beast …we should have a date up in the gable-ed sewing room …maybe big daddyjoel could chicken-sit

    we could knock that janie and jack out in a day … oh and yes, annie, you can come, too

  11. The Brocantess

    Oh she is so adorable! Nice to see them happy after you work on something isn’t it?

  12. Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm

    I told you that you could do it!! I am so proud of you too!!! I mean zippers and all! There’s no stopping you now! You have the fever!!!

    She is soooooo precious and truely is proud to wear her own dress that her mother made just for her!!!!

    My girls were always so gracious to wear my wares with a certain proudness too. Even when they were teenagers I made them short/top sets that were so cute and just happened to be matching. I told them that they would never have to wear them together but they wanted to and did. I cried everytime they wore them out together!

    Then came prom……and wedding gowns, etc etc etc…..

    It does a mothers heart good!

  13. Jen Chandler

    Her dress is beautiful. You did a splendid job. And little Amelie is gorgeous! Such a precious smile!

    I love your banner, by the way. It brings with it a sense of peace and beauty.

    Happy day,

  14. Ticking and Toile

    she is absolutely precious! you did a great job & I just can’t get over how darling your little girl is….:-)

    My “little” girl is 9 1/2 {sniff} oh how I hate it when they grow ….


  15. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    From one “old lady” to another…GREAT JOB!!!!!! I sewed most of my little girl’s clothes (she is now almost 27!!) and enjoyed every minute of it. She was also very curious about the whole process (a sign of things to come!) and she now sews, too! YAY! I love this little lady and her curls, sweet smile, and those long eyelashes, I find myself wishing I could kiss those sweet chubby cheeks! If we were closer, I would run right over and teach you the buttonhole thing…but I know you, and soon you will learn it because you’ll get on youtube and find a video to show you how to do it and there’ll be no stopping you then!

  16. Joy

    Isn’t she a dolly?? I sew also, and at least with clothing for the little ones, you don’t have yards and yards of fabric.

  17. à la parisienne


    I just love this dress and the headband. Amelie is so beautiful.
    I love the idea of her carrying a purse to church. And I know better than to step foot in a Janie and Jack. All of their children’s clothing makes me so giddy, too!

  18. Computer parts

    This pretty little girl really put a smile on my face. I love her innocence and cuteness. She looks so adorable.

  19. banking jobs

    Aw! She’s a darling. she really knows how to carry herself wearing that dress.

  20. Victoria

    Wow, I am so impressed with the finished product! Of course Lie Lie is so sweet, she’d probably look cute in a potato sack dress but still… good work. I hope it was rewarding enough to do many more projects- it gets easier!

    Oh, and I knit, too. It’s not granny, it’s chic. 🙂 But I feel ya on the bad knees and all.


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