Oct 26, 2006 | Random Thoughts | 5 comments

So pissed off about the world today and equally as much missing Paris with NO chance of a visit on the horizon…I will take suggestions as to my next entry…Paris…crazy liberals…Madonna’s adoption…11 year sentances for border agents…decorating…my latest triumphs in the kitchen…

I did see Marie Antoinette the other night and WOW…have not had a moment to myself to formulate my thoughts ( babes is getting a molar and is VERY NEEDY in the last 72 hours, I havent worked out in 4 days…) I would love to blog about the film but nonetheless – you call it – I’ll write it. First come first serve…this could be fun…


  1. cityfarmer

    I have no intentions of being first.
    After our short visit this morning I could feel angst.
    The calling you have is the highest calling.
    At times it feels like the lowest.
    You are the best of best when it comes to mommies.
    This too, shall pass and just when you have all the time in the world to work out you’ll want your babies back!!!!

    For everything there is a time and a season.

    You are as beautiful young woman of God, and an even more gracious mom and teacher to young babes, A.

    These are moments to savour and someday you will say with great pride…”I was an at home Mom”

    Love, Mom

  2. Gramiamplusone

    How about a picture or two of the little one. They grow up to fast not to see each phase of their life. Tell us all the cute things he is done new each day. He’s a Winner!!! looking forward to seeing you soon!!! Gram

  3. Amanda

    Come to my blog and let’s do some question answering. I bet it’s hard, those teeth STINK coming in….my little honey has 4 now and is battling a cold because of his newest two top teeth, but the molars are the worst. This too shall plass. Thank you for the kind words about my sister and my dad…I have to praise HIM in the storm. Can’t imagine life without our God.

  4. FarmgirlCyn

    Decisions. Decisions. Paris? Kitchen adventures? Liberals? Madonna? Let’s hear what you have to say about ALL of them! Maybe just a sentence or two?

  5. quiet storms

    Ask your brother about my Madonna rant at the airport.. don’t know if I could recreate it’s hilarity, but I might give it a try on my blog. Am I the only one who thinks buying black babies is wrong?! Angelina jolie’s on the prowl for another baby, too. Anyway, check my blog soon.. i’ll spare you the agony of reporting on this tragedy! V.


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