French Country Christmas


 French Country Christmas: The Parisienne Farmhouse… Noël

Unbelievable— it’s our second Christmas here at la Ferme a Mi-Chemin…

our Half-Way Farm.
Last year was so unreal – one side of the room pretty, one side of the room moving boxes… and me reeling from a surprise pregnancy!
This year we are settled.
We are grateful.
We are FULL of life.
French Country ChristmasFrench Country ChristmasFrench Country Christmas
Our nature tree.  All summer the children gathered things from around the farm.  Nests, bark, hive pieces, corn… and to top it off a giant fungus the kids found in the woods. 
Happy Christmas to Momma!  Daddy brought home this AMAZING ancient butcher block for me!  Salvaged from a butcher in Chicago.
 A French Country Christmas?  Of course!
For a true French Country Christmas style you need a gathered look.  And boy have I gathered… Shiny Brite ornaments from a myriad of old lady garage sales and church basements, vintage sofas, luggage that’s traveled the world, artwork and more.
French Farmhouse
The purple marker is a nice touch on my little yellow bench?  Non?  This weekend I am busting out a staple gun and scrap fabric since the kids have trashed it.
I have wanted to make stockings for YEARS!!!!!!!  Now, everyone’s match and I am so excited.  I love GLITTER! I love the way they turned out.  Someone on FB requested a tutorial.  I will TRY to do that.
French Farmhouse Christmas
French Farmhouse Christmas
French Farmhouse Christmas
Christmas ChandelierFrench Farmhouse ChristmasChristmas Chandelier
What I am really loving on our home these days is the use of old wood.  The salvage window bookcase, the old painters easel, the butcher block, my château sign, the “island” in the kitchen. 
It helps bring a little farmhouse to my otherwise glitzy, “Parisienne” furnishings.
The porch.  Not too much effort this year.  I have a love/hate relationship with it cause the floor needs to be painted so bad.  Hoping to recover the sofa in blue and white ticking, paint the floor blue and bring out a shandy… so many ideas, so little time and money.
Collecting wine crates to display the produce at my farm stand this year.  May put the presents in them.

Hope you enjoyed this

French Country Christmas

  Gotta dash!  Kids are hungry!