style="text-align: center;">The finishing touches are almost done in the Potager.
Then, the fun part… the styling!
I’ve got some dreamy ideas that I hope I have time to pull together… 
I can’t resist doing a bit before the big day on Monday.
I promise Fifi, 
I won’t have hurt feelings if you giggle your Parisienne giggle and tear the entire thing apart and start over!
Alas, no bread oven yet.  
Even a DIY project can be trés cher!
It’s been a grueling week of long, long days in the garden.  
Long, filthy days that would have had to have been done – photo shoot next Monday or not in order to finish the big expansion.
Did I mention how filthy???
With 8 City Chicks and 3 “Chickens” the dirt tracked upstairs to our one and only full bath is getting a little out of control.
Read: Insane.
I’ve got this bonne marché brainstorm for an outdoor, solar shower.
Now, if only I could find a claw foot tub on Craigslist for $50…