SO SORRY!!!  I told everyone they had til the 8th but apparently I JUMPED THE GUN!!!  My apologies if you were still going to participate!!!  


Thanks to all who were brave enough to participate!!!  
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Now, I would NEVER give a name with a photo but I simply had to post some that I received —

Excuse me?  I’m playing the violin!

Got Borax?

Just WHAT is in all those red basets – An “Endust” bottle collection?

Just in case you needed to practice your tightrope during the delicates cycle.

If the appliances are empty does that mean her laundry is all done?

Well, this isn’t SOOO bad is it?

This however, is.

At least you can’t see the millipedes.

And this poor gal’s is so bad she sent a microscopic photo lest we see the details!
I think it is WAY TOO FUNNY how many women would simply not participate!  Oh, we are so proud.  Next, I am doing a “worst cellulite” contest…
Thanks for playing girls, Congrats, Old Centennial Farmhouse!