Truffle Popcorn – The Perfect Swanky Snack

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Truffle Popcorn With Garlic and Rosemary

My new obsession: Truffle anything.

The nutty, meaty, mushroomy taste sends me over the moon. And all I do is scheme on how I can use that flavour in whatever I‘m making. I told you it was a new obsession. It started last year when I bought some truffle infused olive oil from my favourite little place up in Door County. (Can’t make it to Door County, no worries, I’m gonna hook you up on this post).

I instantly fell in love, so much so that I included it in my French Pantry must have’s list in the cookbook. I drizzle it on salads, pizza, and now, I’m even making popcorn with it. Snow is on the ground and it’s dark by 3:45 which lends itself to stuffing your face just to feel good. Am I right midwesterners, or am I right?  So lately, we are all about the Truffle Popcorn.

More please.

What the heck is a truffle, you ask? Well…. first, we’re not talking chocolate here. Though there is nothing…. NOTHING like a Godiva, Champagne truffle. The truffle we are talking about here is the fungi kind found under the roots of trees in France and Italy. They are one of the most expensive foods on the planet and dogs and pigs are used to hunt them. They are typically found under oaks, chestnuts, poplars, lime and beech trees and can be found up to a meter below the surface!  Incredibly, there are over 70 different varieties!

"The most learned men have been questioned as to the nature of this tuber, and after two thousand years of argument and discussion their answer is the same as it was on the first day: We do not know. The truffles themselves have been interrogated, and have answered simply: Eat us and praise the Lord" - Alexander Dumas

This recipe is so easy and don’t worry, you can’t mess it up. Unless you burn your popcorn. Yuck. Those of you who like burned popcorn are freaks. But I still love you. And if you are still making popcorn in your microwave allow me to graduate you to adulthood and show you how to make popcorn like a grown up.   You’ll never go back.

In our house we have a nasty, “seasoned” stock pot that we use only for popcorn. I give it a quick rinse and wipe down after each use so the oil residue doesn’t go rancid, but it’s sure nice to not have to worry about destroying a favorite pot each time we make popcorn. Our nasty pot just is, what it is.

So grab a pot you’re ready to part with or snag one for a dollar at the Goodwill next time you’re in town.   Here’s what else  you’ll need:

Olive oil and or truffle infused olive oil (you could use truffle oil but that makes it a pretty expensive snack if you’re making it a few times a week)

Organic popcorn (cause GMO popcorn is just plain scary)

A head of garlic, minced (or minced garlic from a jar is you’re a sell out.   Hahahahahha!)

A sprig of Rosemary

Truffle salt

Truffle butter (optional)

Ready? Let’s do this. (Have a trivet ready and a large bowl or if you want to do it like we do, a large, brown paper bag!)

In a small skillet, drizzle a little olive oil or truffle oil over medium heat and saute the garlic and rosemary until slightly browned. Set aside. Do not over cook because garlic  goes really fast once it begins to brown.

Truffle Popcorn With Garlic and Rosemary

In your popcorn pot, cover the bottom of the pan with either oil and cover the oil with a layer of popcorn.  Cover with lid and cook it up baby!

Truffle Popcorn With Garlic and Rosemary

With potholders on, take the handles your stock pot and give it a shake now and then and listen for the corn popping. As soon as it almost stops, turn the heat off and shake it a little more, making sure to pop as many kernels as possible. Take care not to burn it. Once it’s stopped popping, remove it from the heat.   Time to use that trivet!

Now we’re gonna doctor it up according to taste. Melt some of your truffle butter and/or drizzle your popcorn with your truffle oil. Heck – use both! Grab that skillet of garlicky, rosemary goodness and scrape it into your popcorn bag and give it a good shake! Add your truffle salt according to your salt addiction and enjoy with a nice glass of wine!

I’m sure it seems like a lot of truffle this, and truffle that, and a whole lot of garlic but you’ll find that it works. Remember, popcorn is terribly bland and plain which why we cover it in caramel, salt, cheese….

Truffle Popcorn With Garlic and Rosemary

Truffle Popcorn With Garlic and Rosemary

Oh my gosh it’s so good, I can’t stand it. Perfect for your Friday night movie or gourmet snack craving!


Thanks for reading, Angela Parisienne Farmgirl





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