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Oh my goodness. Where has the last week gone? It’s all about getting ready for winter in the Farmhouse. I am for the most part a homebody. I don’t care to do the little things away from home. I like my routine and don’t like to be driving all over God’s green earth all week. (Now what I do like to do is get out for the big things: Dancing, Dinners with girlfriends, Tango class, French class, etc.)

And one of my favorite expressions is, “All that to say this,”
Lately ALL I WANT TO DO is cook and cooking is all I have been doing. I have set an absurd goal of having 60 meals ready when the first snow flies and in addition to that I want shelves of canned goods (a new hobby this year), loaves of bread and a pie thawing out on the counter every Friday night for the weekend.  Lofty goals I know.  But, the thought of having all that extra time for my winter hobbies (photos, video editing, reading and blogging) sounds great.  And, if I am blessed with a pregnancy next year I have vowed that I will be one step ahead of the morning sickness and that my family won’t starve even if I can not get my face can’t out of the toilet.

So, here is what I have been up to:  Last Monday for example I went to the market at 7 in the morning sans enfants, came home and made and canned 8 quarts of pasta sauce, made and canned 6 quarts of 15 bean soup, made two peach pies and one blueberry, made and canned 6 pints of blueberry preserves and I swear there was something else but I can’t remember. (Oh yeah, I made two lasagnas – one for dinner and one for the freezer full of zucchini and squash from the garden – YUM!!!)  Pealing those peaches would have been accomplishment enough for one day – trust me.  ugh.
Yesterday Aidan and I harvested and cleaned about 25 pounds of carrots which we then chopped, diced, juiced and froze until we were seeing orange.  Today we dug up about the same amount of yellow and purple onions, a couple handfuls of shallots and and armful of thyme for making bouquet garni for soups during the winter.
I am on the hunt for a fabulous Molé sauce recipe that I can can and my neighbor has the BEST Gardinera recipe that I have ever had (I have bags of jalapenos and chopped carrots in the fridge just waiting)- if we pick apples for applesauce and pies this Saturday then I’d say it’s lookin like another week ’til I blog again – yikes!  
I am also on the hunt for a REAL baguette recipe – none of this dense, log like crap – I want to know how to make an authentic Parisian baguette.  If I figure that out I may never have to leave the house again.
Well, that is not true.   But at least the wine shop is within walking distance!
PS – Ratatouille for Dummies to be posted any day now on the recipe blog.


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