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Apr 15, 2014 | Health and Beauty, Recipes | 23 comments

I bet you know someone who is on the Trim Healthy Mama diet thing.

I know a good handful.  They are shrinking.  Seriously shrinking.  And so, though full of suspicions since I have my last batch of weight to lose I thought I would download the e-book and see what the fuss was about.   (DON’T bother.  I asked for my money back.   The e-book is not user friendly.  My sister bought the actual book and she loves it.)

You know I am NOT a dieter.

I believe strictly in a whole foods diet.  Or better stated an “old fashioned” “can you make it yourself” diet.  I’ve seen people on THM start shopping for low carb this, low carb that and stevia, stevia, stevia.  It seems so fadish.  And stevia freaked me out.  It just seems weird.  What’s wrong with just a little sugar every once and awhile? 

Well, I skimmed the book.  Learned a bit.  I had always wondered if some of my favorite foods were being converted to sugar… leaving it VERY difficult for me to lose the last bit of weight.

So, I’m giving it a try – sort of – I don’t really have a desire to learn a bunch of new recipes with substitute ingredients or weird stuff I have to go to a bunch of different stores to get.  I rather LIKE the way we eat, I like my own recipes and frankly for the most part the recipes look gross unless you start using food that you have to BUY and can’t make yourself (stevia, Dreamfield’s pasta, Laughing Cow cheese, Whey powder, etc.)  I know Mercola says Stevia is OK but I just can’t get over how it creeps me out.  And to add to it, I’ve noticed it doesn’t settle well with me.  It gives me serious cotton mouth, a sore throat and diarrhea.  I won’t be buying it again. 

THM has helped me understand some things about my hormones, given me a better understanding of how a good portion of my daily food was being converted to sugar and I did lose six pounds in about a week.  (WHAT?!)

But I am still really skeptical.  Not that it “doesn’t work” but just that it’s a diet.  A mon avis.   It’s not REAL eating.  A mon avis.  I mean I can’t have my homemade pasta with my homemade pasta sauce???  No honey on my toast?  It seems strange that they refer to the Bible for their ideas about food but then they poo-poo honey.  Honey is all over the place in the Bible.

I will still apply some of what I learned because hey- six pounds in a week after a four month plateau – that really got my attention!   But I am not down with a bunch of cauliflower pizza crusts, low carb, processed tortillas and all that.  Eww.  I don’t mind incorporating what I learned but I’ll do it my way.  Mais bien sur.   I have to be pragmatic too – I sure won’t be making separate meals for me.  Because it’s VERY IMPORTANT to me that my daughters don’t think “mom eats a special way” or that “momma is obsessed with loosing weight, measuring food, denying herself butter while we all enjoy it” — they are told that I work out to “be strong” — I NEVER grumble about wanting to lose a couple pounds in front of them.  All they know about is HEALTH.  They will NOT grow up to be terrified of food or thinking at ten years old that their thighs are fat.
And for the love of my skinny jeans – I don’t want to talk about if some meal is an “S” or an “E” when we sit down at a meal.  That is 99% of the reason I don’t subscribe to the latest diet trends (South Beach, Atkins, Paleo, etc) because it leads to neurotic dinner time conversations that no self respecting Parisienne would ever have.  One should be concerned with the quality, taste and art behind ones food – not with it’s carb or fat content.  For the love.

So, what do you think?  Are you a Trim Healthy Mama?  If you are, do you see what I am saying or did I just pick a fight with my own Mama, Sister and half of Blogland.   With my luck everyone will lose fifty pounds and I will be standing around with my self-righteous opinions about stevia.  HA!!

But hey – at least I can eat my homemade pasta and sauce 🙂

I would say, if you are interested in health – read Nourishing Traditions FIRST and THM second and incorporate THM into your families Nourishing Traditions.

I’ll keep you updated.
-Parisienne Farmgirl



  1. Mac n' Janet

    I do not and will not do diets, you can’t live on a diet. I eat healthy and exercise as much as I can. I read an interesting book, “Why We Get Fat” and learned a bit more about carbohydrates. I won’t cut carbs out, but I will be conscious of them.
    At the end of the book he states that even if you do everything right you’re still fighting your hormones, your sex and your heredity which will ultimately determine how fat you’ll be.

  2. Carol Blanchet

    I’m with you. I did research on Stevia – and straight from the plant is fine, but Truvia – has been modified…A LOT!

    I have found that for a while I just did without all grains – and then once I was at the weight I wanted to be, I selectively added it back in and tried to balance it with protein and a BIG salad.

    Whole foods are the way to go! I do not buy any special foods. I try to use honey or Grade B maple syrup, if needed, but what I have found is that foods taste so much sweeter than I ever noticed before.

    For me, the most useful tip from the whole THM is the switch from regular yogurt to Greek. It’s easy to use that instead of sour cream too.

    Carol –

  3. Hollie

    I’m not a fad person either, but do own a copy of THM mainly because I know there is something horribly wrong going on with my adrenals/thyroid. It was an interesting read and I felt it made sense that if you want to lose weight to not eat your fats and carbs together. I followed those guidelines *very loosely* for a week and did find that my energy levels were up some and the jeans weren’t quite as tight. I’m glad I bought it and will refer to it every once in a while – but, as with you, I will be following the guidelines my way. By the way, I just wanted to thank you for the comment in your post about working out to be stronger and NOT to be skinnier. I applaud you for the wonderful example you are to your children in this aspect! Love your blog, appreciate your points of view and wishing you much blessing on your land this Spring as you plant and tend to your gardens.

  4. Mandy

    I am laughing here. I’ve had the book for over a year. I know people it works for too, and some of it does make sense, BUT…the stuff like ‘no honey’ and ‘you can have this nasty-fake bread-But NOT with any fat!’ stuff is hard for me to swallow. who eats bread without butter? I did it for 3 weeks and my family hated every recipe we did. And I’m a good cook! I think the women who think their foods taste good must be those who are coming off of very regimented, crap foods diets. Not people who eat REAL, GOOD food like us.I may go on it for a while, I have a lot to loose, but I definitely don’t think it’s reasonable long term. And I’m fine with the idea of stevia, but it is NASTY! The only one I’ve found that makes a good tasting dessert is Truvia, which is all GMO 🙁

  5. Kathleen Stoltzfus

    You could try growing a stevia plant. You might not be creeped out after that. It’s just an herb/tea type plant.

  6. WhiteWhispers2u

    I appreciate your opinion on this Book as I was going to buy it.

    I enjoy real foods and no substitutes either.Honey is my best friend and I would rather have a few extra pounds and know that I am eating healthy organic real foods.

    If you have learned a few things I am sure I could too, so it maybe worth a look.

    Happy Easter Many Blessings !

  7. Sweet Ashley De

    I’ve read both the Nourishing Traditins and THM. I felt like it was a wee bit of a fad diet too. I did learn a lot about hormones and sugar and that we need to watch out for too much of a good thing. I also love the book “Aging without growning old” But I would love to see what you end up deciding.

  8. Abby Jo @

    Hello! I don’t usually comment, but I thought this post was great. I believe in real food, it’s always nice to learn something new, but I’m not going to buy a bunch of fake stuff to do it! Thanks for speaking your mind.

  9. Mourning Dove Farm

    First of all, I really don’t know anything about the book or diet so I can’t address that but I will say this. As someone who gained a bunch of weight in their forties after I quit running and lost it all over 50 (and I am talking 60-70 pounds here)while going through menopause(which many say is impossible)I do not believe in diets. I have kept this weight off for more than ten years. Did it by eating lots of fruits and veges, chicken, fish, and whole grains. A little sugar now and then. It is a lifestyle, not a diet. I just eat what I love and that is fresh, not processed foods. I personally do not eat red meat but I don’t think a little kills you. The huge part is portion control. I listen to people who have gained their weight back say–“I need to go on South Beach or Weight Watchers AGAIN because that is the only thing that works for me.” Really? If it worked why are you going on it AGAIN? But the other interesting thing is that no one ever cares what I try to tell them so I really can’t even help them by my experience. I am sort of venting here. Lol! I am rooting for you Angela. You will get there by eating well, watching portions and moving. That is what I think for what it is worth!

  10. Homemaker Ang

    I am not a follower of Trim Healthy Mama. I think its neat that people are loosing weight with this program though but read below.

    I actually have been thinking a lot of the subject on weight loss lately (I do not need to lose it) and have come to this: Eat what Jesus ate and eat it in healthy portions. You should not have to purchase man made junk to loose weight. I believe weight loss is a heart issue. Many overweight people are emotional eaters. I am not judging over weight people either.

    I gained 60 lbs with 6 pregnancies (READ THIS AGAIN) I had to loose the 60 every single time all by myself with no extra things I purchased at the grocery store that were man made etc. I got up, turned off the tv (when we had one) and ran around the house keeping it neat and tidy and gardening. I ate what we had and it was natural and a TON of it was not fun or fake sugary and it was venison because that is what we had. I could not afford a bunch of weird stuff from the grocery store.

    It may sound harsh but my 2 cents is this: QUIT eating junk, eat what Jesus did, get out of the chair, drink water, don’t eat processed foods, walk around your block for free and do planks and sit ups +, enjoy what your family is eating in moderate portions, skip the white bread and quit snacking – and this is FREE info 🙂

    Works for me 🙂 and I DID have to loose 360 lbs before someone says that I am skinny! And I do weigh pretty much what I did on my wedding day.


  11. Homemaker Ang

    ps. what if you cannot buy stevia and low glycemic bread if the grocer shuts down? WHAT will you do xo???

    eat what Jesus ate

  12. Homemaker Ang

    I keep thinking of more things 🙂

    Yes, yes and YES on Nourishing Traditions!!!!!


    I’ve finally decided the best way for me to eat is basically whole, lower carb intake overall. I do still splurge every so often on the things i love so as not to be too deprived.

  14. Cindy

    Thank you for your candid assessment of the book. I agree with all that you said regarding “dieting.”

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog!

  15. à la parisienne

    The word “diet,” in my opinion, is counterproductive in and of itself. I know so many people who say they’re dieting one moment and then having a cheat day the next. I think diets make people feel like they are being deprived of something and the very things they can’t have, they crave! I agree with the premise of Mireille Guiliano’s ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ argument that women should base most of their meals on healthy seasonal foods but also enjoy rich, sensual foods without guilt as long as eaten moderately. A few months back my midwife piqued my interest with THM since I always gain so much weight while pregnant–no matter how healthily I eat, mind you. I never read the book but looked up recipes and tried the THM skinny chocolate recipe upon her recommendation. It was disgusting! And I was mad about how much coconut oil I wasted making that junk. I threw it out and decided that a few small pieces of my favorite dark chocolate once a day was a much better choice for me. Stevia doesn’t creep me out since it is derived from a plant that I could grow in my own garden. The only time I use it is when I make my own fresh lemon Italian sodas. I chose Stevia because I was tired of having to dissolve a teaspoon of sugar to make my drink sweet. However, I personally wouldn’t ever cook with it.

  16. Marta Montenegro Martin

    I have not read the book, but looks like there is good science that could be helpful. The recipes, from everyone’s reactions, look like they suck – so I’ll be skipping those and doing it “my way.” Thanks Angela!

  17. Freygirl

    I don’t know why I was included in the “did I just pick a fight with” comment. Every time we talk about it I tell you I’m still me, I’m doing it my way as well and I’m totally on board with Nourishing Traditions and I have been for the last four years. I moved to a farm for Pete’s sake! 😛 As soon as I’m where I want to be scale wise, I’m baking myself a big beautiful homemade pizza with actual dough because yes, THM does work but to me, their pizza “dough” is a joke. Some recipes are…..ok……but overall I think people are neglectful of the joy of baking and even presentation. Yes I’m doing THM but I’ll be darned if on Easter I wasn’t gonna pig out of Derek’s aunts egg/potato salad and not indulge in one (maybe two) of my homemade cinnamon rolls. No way! Not gonna be a martyr! I was at a 12 month stall of weight loss so the concepts help but I surely cannot do it full force forever. Just wanted to clear that up! 😛

  18. Farmgirl Cyn

    I’ve been using Trim Healthy Mama since the end of July and have lost over 40#. I am pretty sure I can do this for life! Honey, by the way, is not outlawed on THM, it is just not weight loss friendly, so the recommendation is that once you get to your goal weight (if weight was your issue to start with), then you can begin using honey in moderation.
    I was on the Nourishing Traditions bandwagon for several years…and just kept getting chubbier and chubbier and chubbier. I STILL eat real food…I am just careful about how I combine it. Brown rice? Yep. Cultured veggies? Yep. French lentils? Yep. Juicy cheeseburgers? Oh, yep! We can have bread with THM! A true sourdough bread fits in perfectly. Sprouted breads are also on plan, and Trader Joe’s has some of the best. Want a bit of butter with your bread? Not a problem when you are at goal weight.
    Finally, women with PCOS, high blood pressure, diabetes tendencies, are losing weight, feeling strong, and some are getting off meds. I’d say for those women THM is a win/win!
    As for “special” ingredients….thousands of women are following THM using absolutely no special ingredients. Simply separating their healthy carbs from their fats has been enough for them.
    For me, being post menopausal and nearly 61 years old, THM has been a lifesaver. I am in the age bracket where weight loss is pret’ near impossible.
    Going from a tight size 14 jeans to a size 2 (and feeling phenomenal)….priceless!

  19. savvycityfarmer

    I guess we all have a story to tell.
    You probably know most of mine being my daughter and all.
    I have been heavy most of my life (starting as a child.) My heaviest was 197 when you were 17, Ang.
    I had ups and down, some successes and some failures.
    The biggest success was the loss of 65 pounds many years ago doing portion control and exercise.
    That took two years.
    I met Don and slowly slowly slowly like for all of us it came back on, well some of it.
    Fast forward to this last year when I turned 60 and I decided that I wanted to lose 20 pounds and get firm. I weighed 149.

    So I took the trusty little iPhone app called lose it and I installed it on my phone and I started heavy duty works outs and planking to beat the band.
    That was a year ago Christmas.
    And with that trusty little app I lost 14 pounds.
    All the while still feeling pudgy and blubbery at times. (the old muffin top, bra fat, chin fat, above the knee fat blah blah blah.)

    Then I was introduced to TRIM HEALTHY MAMA in November, a size 10 BUT feeling pretty good about those 14 pounds … however I never felt trim, okay so I won’t say the word thin.

    What instantly started to happen, wait let me back up … I did the plan without buying ANY extra fancy trendy products, so I know for sure that can be done.!!!! I was using stevia long before all of this
    All I did from November to February 1 is move my food around! Then I final bought the book and ordered some healthy products, like whey, peanut flour etc. NOTHING FAKE here.

    I’ve lost 12 pounds since November
    and went from basically a size 10 to a size 4.
    And this is ALL due to the science part of THM where your body starts burning up stored fat as fuel between meals .
    There is nothing you can argue with about that
    And who wouldn’t want that?
    I eat toast, I eat oatmeal, I eat rice, I eat bacon, butter, gooey salad dressings, homemade Italian sausage, smoothies, dark chocolate and red wine, etc … huge portions, no measuring!

    However I lost ALL desire and taste for chips, crackers, snacks, white flour and white sugar!!!
    zip, gone, no desire!
    … Again something that scientifically happens when you move the food around.
    One can really only know this by implementing the science with determination!

    I will never call this a diet and I will never again say that I am dieting because I am not.
    What I am doing is powering through every day with bushels of energy, smoother skin, eyes that are more white than ever and too many other noticeable changes to even mention.
    … an outlook on life and feeling thin and firm that that’s been absent for 19 years!
    So with all due respect I am proud to be called a
    For life!

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  20. savvycityfarmer

    I really wanted to add, especially after our chat last evening …. the INSULIN factor is THE reason to read this book … knowledge that we all need to thrive and survive

    and lastly to quote a famous person we both love
    “nothing tastes as good as thin feels”
    … Coco

  21. RobinfromCA

    Portion control. That’s my “diet” along with eating what our grandparents ate. They ate natural foods – mostly what they grew themselves – because that’s what was available to them. They didn’t eat fake butter, fast foods, or sugar substitutes. Moderation is my mantra. It’s sad that even in our grocery stores it’s hard to get food that isn’t over processed – even if it’s “fresh.” That’s my song and I’ll continue to sing it. (BTW – I still indulge in the occasional burger joint meal and a Coke. I’m not a saint, after all!)

  22. Victoria T

    I haven’t read the book, but know several women who are following the THM plan in varying degrees… for some, it seems to work like a charm, and for others, not at all. So, I don’t know if you can go halfway with this one. Seems like the people really losing weight are going full throttle.

    There is wisdom in knowing the science behind how parts of foods are broken down in the body. I believe women are subject to hormonal imbalances that lead to excess weight gain/storage. And, age should be considered also… in my 30s, I think extra sleep and harder workouts would be more helpful than specific food combos. So, to each her own.

  23. Homemaker Ang

    On another note, I would steer very clear of Stevia when its named Truvia. ” The 40-step patented process used to make Truvia should make you want to steer clear of this stevia product alone, but there are two other concerning ingredients added (not only to Truvia but other stevia products as well). First, erythritol is a naturally occurring sugar that is sometimes found in fruit, but food manufacturers don’t actually use the natural stuff. Instead they start with genetically engineered corn and then go through acomplex fermentation process to come up with chemically pure erythritol.”
    This is a great article about what if any Stevia to choose and most to stay clear of:
    Some women have documented fertility problems after consuming stevia. This should be something we should research personally and be very cautious about before giving to our children.
    We need to offer our children natural alternatives like honey or pure (maple syrup) instead etc. for sweeteners rather than Truvia types etc


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