I bet you know someone who is on the Trim Healthy Mama diet thing.

I know a good handful.  They are shrinking.  Seriously shrinking.  And so, though full of suspicions since I have my last batch of weight to lose I thought I would download the e-book and see what the fuss was about.   (DON’T bother.  I asked for my money back.   The e-book is not user friendly.  My sister bought the actual book and she loves it.)

You know I am NOT a dieter.

I believe strictly in a whole foods diet.  Or better stated an “old fashioned” “can you make it yourself” diet.  I’ve seen people on THM start shopping for low carb this, low carb that and stevia, stevia, stevia.  It seems so fadish.  And stevia freaked me out.  It just seems weird.  What’s wrong with just a little sugar every once and awhile? 

Well, I skimmed the book.  Learned a bit.  I had always wondered if some of my favorite foods were being converted to sugar… leaving it VERY difficult for me to lose the last bit of weight.

So, I’m giving it a try – sort of – I don’t really have a desire to learn a bunch of new recipes with substitute ingredients or weird stuff I have to go to a bunch of different stores to get.  I rather LIKE the way we eat, I like my own recipes and frankly for the most part the recipes look gross unless you start using food that you have to BUY and can’t make yourself (stevia, Dreamfield’s pasta, Laughing Cow cheese, Whey powder, etc.)  I know Mercola says Stevia is OK but I just can’t get over how it creeps me out.  And to add to it, I’ve noticed it doesn’t settle well with me.  It gives me serious cotton mouth, a sore throat and diarrhea.  I won’t be buying it again. 

THM has helped me understand some things about my hormones, given me a better understanding of how a good portion of my daily food was being converted to sugar and I did lose six pounds in about a week.  (WHAT?!)

But I am still really skeptical.  Not that it “doesn’t work” but just that it’s a diet.  A mon avis.   It’s not REAL eating.  A mon avis.  I mean I can’t have my homemade pasta with my homemade pasta sauce???  No honey on my toast?  It seems strange that they refer to the Bible for their ideas about food but then they poo-poo honey.  Honey is all over the place in the Bible.

I will still apply some of what I learned because hey- six pounds in a week after a four month plateau – that really got my attention!   But I am not down with a bunch of cauliflower pizza crusts, low carb, processed tortillas and all that.  Eww.  I don’t mind incorporating what I learned but I’ll do it my way.  Mais bien sur.   I have to be pragmatic too – I sure won’t be making separate meals for me.  Because it’s VERY IMPORTANT to me that my daughters don’t think “mom eats a special way” or that “momma is obsessed with loosing weight, measuring food, denying herself butter while we all enjoy it” — they are told that I work out to “be strong” — I NEVER grumble about wanting to lose a couple pounds in front of them.  All they know about is HEALTH.  They will NOT grow up to be terrified of food or thinking at ten years old that their thighs are fat.
And for the love of my skinny jeans – I don’t want to talk about if some meal is an “S” or an “E” when we sit down at a meal.  That is 99% of the reason I don’t subscribe to the latest diet trends (South Beach, Atkins, Paleo, etc) because it leads to neurotic dinner time conversations that no self respecting Parisienne would ever have.  One should be concerned with the quality, taste and art behind ones food – not with it’s carb or fat content.  For the love.

So, what do you think?  Are you a Trim Healthy Mama?  If you are, do you see what I am saying or did I just pick a fight with my own Mama, Sister and half of Blogland.   With my luck everyone will lose fifty pounds and I will be standing around with my self-righteous opinions about stevia.  HA!!

But hey – at least I can eat my homemade pasta and sauce 🙂

I would say, if you are interested in health – read Nourishing Traditions FIRST and THM second and incorporate THM into your families Nourishing Traditions.

I’ll keep you updated.
-Parisienne Farmgirl