Tres Simple Terrariums

Apr 2, 2015 | Parisienne Farmhouse Design, Spiritual | 3 comments

Or as we say on this side of the pond…


How to Make a Terrarium

Inspiration.  It is a wonderful thing.

I have a handful of things that inspire me.  It’s not my style to feel threatened or inferior (I’m well aware of my shortcomings)… I’d rather be inspired by someone’s achievements, beauty, knowledge, abilities…

Marilyn Monroe has always inspired me to be feminine and take care of myself…

Laura Ingalls inspires me to work hard and never, ever give up…

Coco Chanel inspires me to be exacting and demanding of myself…

This old friend inspires me to go the extra mile when being creative…

My children inspire me to dissect and analyze my character…

My Mom inspires me to always continue to follow God (and to keep my house clean!)…

My Gramma inspires me to be steady, hardworking and family focused…

I knew someone briefly and she was such an inspiration.

Before I knew her personally I would visit her little store.  A chic little refuge in the middle of a map dot antique town.  This was years ago but I will never forget the terrariums she would have on display here and there.   Especially in the spring.  They are stamped in my mind and they have “haunted” my creative side for all these years.  I have always wanted to make them.

Truth be told.  And I probably didn’t need to say this, but I am frugal.  No cheap.  No wait, maybe frugal…. oh, I don’t know.  But let’s say this, it’s difficult for me to spend money on something like “a project I’ve always wanted to do”.  I’m not a crafter per se.  I don’t drop large chunks of change on glue sticks, glitter, markers and crap that is so easy to get caught up in after spending just five minutes on Pinterest.

But I’ve got a little Momma Money lately and the living room was needing some spring touches and I thought of you Annie…

I thought of the friendship you afforded my Mom.  I thought of the sweet gifts you gave me.  I thought of how you loved Jesus and longed for your family to know Him too.   I thought of how my Mom cried when you left us.  I thought of that gorgeous daughter of yours left without a mother…

And I thought of your terrariums.

The time had come.

So – I winged it.  I did my best to visualize those beautiful glass creations that once graced her store and I spent a lovely hour alone on my porch and I summoned that inspiration that I felt from Annie all those years ago.   The breeze was blowing in, the smell of moss and dirt was (and always is) heady for me.   And I did it.

How to Make Terrariums

How to Make Terrariums

How to Make Terrariums

My little photo-bomber and “helper”.

How to Make Terrariums

How to Make Terrariums

How to Make Terrariums

How to Make Terrariums

Who inspires you?  Have you indulged in inspiration lately?

I hope you enjoyed these Tres Simple Terrariums… ugh…


Terra blog and pin

How to Make a Terrarium


Have a lovely Resurrection Weekend.

He is Risen Indeed.

Parisienne Farmgirl



  1. Darla

    Can you guess who inspires me? Gosh, this is an amazing post. Good work! Can’t wait to see them in person.

  2. Christi {Jealous Hands}

    Angela, they are lovely! And the story is beautiful, too. xo

  3. Savvycityfarmer

    It must’ve been timely that I didnt read this until now.
    I found a hand written gift tag last night at the workbench from non other than Annie.
    Very few come along in this life that can touch a soul as only she could.
    My mind flashed to every outing her and I took together. Every road trip and auctioj in our brief newfound friendship.
    Yes she was the mistress of tiny earthy treasures and the master at inspiration.
    Thank you for this tearful peek into the past down memory lane with your friend and mine, Annie.
    I miss her so.


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