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I just found this on Facebook…
Yes, you long time Parisienne Farmgirl’s I have completely sold out thanks to the Magazine and now use Facebook toute le temps…
I even Twitter for the magazine… though I once spouted on this blog “shoot me if I ever Twitter”.
These days I don’t see how you could run an online business without the two.  Have you subscribed to Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine yet?  (You’re not gonna want to miss our first Edition!  You should see the articles and spreads we’ve got ready for you!)   I can’t believe the lovely contacts I have made in the last ten days on FB and Twitter.  But you’ll never see me sign on and say something stupid like, “I just ate a really big burrito” or “OMG my BFF just LHAO at this video”
But you might laugh yours off.
I almost fell over at the “Putain Maird” part. (pardon my French)  Seriously.  This is a most accurate spoof on French conversations!  
TODAY IN THE KITCHEN coming later this week!  Parisienne Farmgirl’s restaurant worthy (If I do say so myself) Tapanade!